Due Dates

Research Response Due with project, Monday June 3, 8am

Excercises Due Wednesday, May 29 (See Modules)

Discussion Questions from research Due Thrusday, May 30 (See Moduels)

Final Images Due with project, Monday June 3, 8am


Make 5 images using various scanned sources that represent you.
The work can be a collage or montage.


1.1 - Understand and use the basic tools in Photoshop (PS)
1.2 - Understand a few ways to manipulate images in PS by using layers and selection.
1.3 - Learn to scan items and think of them as objects to use in a collage or montage
1.4 - Understand ideas relating to collage and montage
1.5 - Be able to represent yourself without using full body or face pictures of yourself
1.6 - Further understand how to express yourself through imagery
1.7 - To continue to learn how to present and talk about art.
1.8 - To continue to learn how to critique the art of others.


First, practice the Photoshop tools that I covered. Review and understand
* selections (lasso, magic wand, marquee)
* feathering and modifying selections
* moving selections or images from one file to the next
* Image size and resolution
* levels
* layers and blending modes
* rubber stamp
* Healing tool
* Patch tool
* Color
* Basic brush, colorize, eraser, blur, sharpen, gradient and bucket

Complete exercise listed in Module

Complete Research and Discussion Questions (see Module)

Final Images
Using Photoshop, create 5 images (collage or montage) that represent you, but without any full body or full face pictures of you in them. Incorporate scanned images of objects, photos, textures or the like to make a montage or collage that symbolizes you. Body parts are OK.

As a self portrait, you will demonstrate your ability to creatively express facets of yourself in a compelling visual form. This interpretation of the self-portrait will not include any full body or full face imagery of yourself. Think of this project as a visual poem of your personality or life. You will create your self-portrait in the form of a digital montage or collage. Think of a collage as an assemblage of pieces and parts combined in such a manner as they still appear as separate pieces. A montage is also an assemblage of pieces and parts combined, but the emphasis is to combine all the elements into a relatively seamless image.

Collage involves the creation of artworks that include elements that have previous existence as separate items. They may be found elements, transformed elements or elements created entirely by the artist.

Digital Collage
Digitally created artworks that involve the bringing together of separate images (which may or may not have existed in non-digital form and which may or may not have been created or altered by the artist) and digititally 'pasting' them in place in order to create a new work. Digital collages may also contain digital drawing, digital painting or other digital media.

Montage (Digital or regular)
A montage is imilar to a collage in that it draws from multiple sources to create a single image, but in a montage the disparity of the sources is invisible. This is the opposite of collage in which the disparity of the sources is visible.

Further Notes
Make sure that you create an artwork that is not too literal!
For instance, if you define your personality by playing video games, don't just throw a bunch of characters together and call it a self-portrait! Instead, think about how you can depict your fascination with video games in a different way:

o How does a particular game affect your life?
o Do you play for 8 hours a week?
o How do you show that?
o Do you not clean your room because you are busy playing?
o How do you express that in a way that is visually interesting?
o How do you express it in a way that others, including people who aren't into video games, can find it intriguing and approachable?

This is the challenge for the assignment. Really think deeply about the things, beliefs, motives, perceptions, and values that define you. How do you relate to the world you live in? Think about how to visually represent who you are for this project. (DO NOT USE THIS VIDEO GAME EXAMPLE!)


o Watch the Annie Leibowitz video about her recent work "Pilgrimage" and view some of the images from the series.
You will respond to this video through the discussion questions posted online.
Click for video

View a few of the pictures here:
Click for pictures

o Select 3 of the artists listed below to research. You can also select other fine artists creating self-portrait work OR portrait work, as long as they are legitimate and established artists. Choose 1-3 images by the artist to include in your write-up.

o For each work or group of works by an artist, write a paragraph describing conceptually what the artist accomplishes visually with the portrait. What does the portrait say about the person? I know that these are both self portraits and portraits, but the key is expressing who a person is through picture. Be thorough in your writings. Researching is the most important part in getting your creative juices moving.

o In your write-up, include the URL and picture(s), the artist name followed by the paragraph.

The following are links for your research entries. Feel free to research other self-portrait artists as well.

Jerry Uselmann - see if you can pick out his self portrait(s)

Kelli Connell

Maggie Taylor

Catlin Harrison


Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibowitz

Man ray
Reviews of his recent exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London

Levi van Veluw

Loretta Lux

Further Examples

View all the artist links above, even if you do not choose to write that person up.

Examples of montage:
Inner Self

Alison Scarpulla

Brooke Shaden

More examples of portraits without the self
Margaret Atwood


Andre Kertesz

David Hockney

Norman Mailer

Joan Didion

Jorge Luis Borges

Milton Glaser


Explore the program tools for this project.

Create 5 images for this project

o Avoid literal translations of things that you simply like. This piece is about the definition of your soul as a human being.
o You can use photographs, scans, and digital painting work within Photoshop.
o You are not to use full frontal or full face (portrait-type) images of yourself. However, you can use detail images of yourself such as an eye, hand, foot, etc. Consider using detail images of yourself to emphasis conceptual meaning.

Submission Requirements

Turn in a word document with links (optional) using the submission system on blackboard, due with this project

Final Images
In your NAMED individual class folder that you created on the the artserver, create a folder called "project2." Put all 5 images in that folder.

All images must be 5MB or smaller (when closed) and saved in the JPEG (.jpg) format


You will be graded on your ability to complete the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery. See the rubrics for the assignments associated with Module 2 for more specifics.

See the canvas shell for the weights of each assignment towards your overall grade.

Your attendance at the critique is mandatory. If you do not attend, then your project grade is lowered by one.

Please note

Ask any questions about the project by email. deber@bgsu.edu