Due Dates

Exercises in Painter Due May 16

Discussion questions from reading 1 DUE Thursday, May 17 8am
Exquiste Corpse Method

Final Images DUE Monday May 21, 8am

Citique Monday May 21, sign up for a time


Create a series of 5 digital images using Painter. You will use group methods for four of the images and you will create one image individually. Create all five images so they make a series of related images.

Exquiste Corpse Method


To develop technical skills in Painter.
To gain experience with a variety of collaboration techniques.
To develop conceptual skills.


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Collaborate using the following methods:

Exquisite Corpse

Exquiste Corpse Method

Create 2 group images that are a result of collaboration based on the exquiste corpse method. The images do not need to be a body (as in the example) and can be any subject matter. Label these images EC_[group number]_a and EC_[group number]_b Example: EC_1_a would be group one, image a.

Your Choice
Create two images that follow a method of collaboration that you and your group invent - be inventive. Ideas include working on an entire image that the group emails around and group members add to or working individually on an idea and later asking a group member to assemble parts of each. Label these two images Choice_[group number]_a and Choice_[group number]_b

Individual Response
One image that is your own image - a response to the group processes used in this project. Label this image [LastName].jpg


No scanned or acquired imagery - create your images using the tools in Painter that have been demonstrated - explore the program tools for this project.

Avoid purely abstract works. Use this project as an opportunity to explore subject matter you may not have attempted previously.

Submission Requirements


Many artists use sketchbooks as a way to think. Although in this class I will not require you to turn in sketches, I strongly encourage you to map out your thoughts with paper and pencil before you begin.

For this assignemnt, sketch your thoughts for the Exquisite Corpse image based on what the group chooses to do (landscape, for example) BEFORE you get your 50 pixels from the other group member. Do a similar thing for the group choice method.

For the response image, use this opportunity to make your masterpiece after learning the tools and having time to reflect conceptually on group work. Make a series of sketches of your response ideas on paper before you start in Painter.

Word document

Create a word document that you will turn in that explains the method of collaboration you created for the Choice images.

Also reflect about working in groups and comment on what you liked and didn't like about group work. Back up your comments with examples or explanation.

Call this document yourlastname_response_project1.doc

Turn in this document in the Assignments section of the class shell

Final Images

Place group images in your group folder on the artserver. For extra detail, see Module 0 for uploading work to the artserver.

Use an ftp program to connect to the artserver
Hostname: fineartsfs.bgsu.edu
Username: your bgsu address (example: deber@bgsu.edu)
Connect using FTP (fetch) or Port 21 (filezilla)

Double click on the class folder
Double click on ARTC 2210
Double click on your group folder
Transfer your images to your group folder
I ONLY NEED THE FINAL GROUP IMAGE FOR EACH EXERCISE and not the work files leading up to it.

Each group folder your will have the following images:

EC_[group number]_a.jpg (For group #1, this would be EC_1_a.jpg
EC_[group number]_b.jpg
Choice_[group number]_a.jpg
Choice_[group number]_b.jpg

Place your individual response image in the group folder as well, but make sure you label it with your last name so I know it is your work.

All images must be 5MB or smaller and saved in the JPG (.jpg) format


The final Exquistie Corpse images should be 1500 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall. The other images don't have to be this size exactly, but close to this would be good. Do not go over 5 MB for this assignemnt.
We will talk more about image size later.


You will be graded on your ability to complete the assignment and follow all instructions.

Your artwork will be evaluated on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

This project will be averaged equally with the other projects, assignments, and your participation grade. The exception is the Final, which has a weight of 2.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.