Assignment 4

Alternative Digital Printing

Summer 2007


Due Monday June 11th  



DONıT FORGET TO SPRAY YOUR WORK WITH THE KRYLON SPRAY BEFORE TRANSFERRING.  There is plenty of spray (and gel medium) in room 129.




Please continue to develop ideas that you started in prior assignments.  At this level, I want you working on things that concern you most.  The more time you spend with it, the stronger it will become. 


For this assignment I want you to pay particular attention to how your decal or skin relates to the thing you wrap it around.  In other words, consider what your image will be and how it will relate to what it is on, be it a ceiling tile or a collage of old women's magazines.


Please talk to me if you have problems developing the concept in your work.


Work Flow

Come to each class prepared to work on images, create skins, (optional, collages), or to print.  There will be considerable drying time needed in between layers of gel medium and inkaid, so work or a few things at a time.  NOTE, you can use the blow dryer to speed things up.  The blow dryer will ³crackle² the opaque inkaid.  It will quickly dry the gel medium.