Assignment 2

Alternative Digital Printing

Summer 2007


Due Tuesday, May 29th


1 (or more if you want) successfully transferred Gelatin image

1 (or more if you want) successfully transferred Fresco image


I would also like to see what lead up to the successful works.

The two images need to work together. 

As before, the work must be meaningful and I would like you to build on what you did for assignment one.  Of course if your first assignment was a wash, move on.  Whether you are working with a theme or a technique, it helps at this level to continue to re-visit your ideas until you master them.  Recall, the original choices were to work with:

  1. Any aspect of your identity.
  2. Any other cohesive idea that you want to investigate.


To prepare an image(s) for Fresco and Gelatin transfer

Choose a transfer substrate



Be prepared to work on any part of this process during class as you will all be at different stages.