FRESCO and Clear Gelatin transfer


Recipe for 1 square foot of Fresco:


1 cup of marble dust

1 cup of cooked RSG (rabbit skin glue)


To make 1 cup of cooked RSG:

*Note, clear transfer is just the ³cooked RSG² without the marble dust


·      2 Tablespoons RSG or Gelatin

·      Begin with 1/2 cup cold water

·      Add 1/2 cup hot tap water (under 145 degrees)

·      Cook over low heat (less than 145 degrees) – double boiler works well




1.  Hydrate the RSG granules by sprinkling over the cold water

2.  Make applesauce looking mix - takes a few minutes

3.  Add the hot water and keep the temperature below 145 degrees.  Cook on this low heat until the mixture is clear golden color (like chicken broth).


********* For clear transfer, skip step 4 and go to step 5.


4.  Gradually add the marble dust, calcium carbonate or pulverized limestone


5.  Cool until between 75 and 100 degrees.  Pour on prepared surface.  Let surface set about 20 to 30 minutes.  Remove tape, then transfer.