InkAid steps


To Coat Plain Paper:

1.     Coat with one good layer or two thin layers of InkAid

2.     Make sure paper is completely dry

3.     If paper is not a regular shape or is smaller than 8.5 X 11, use a carrier sheet.

4.     Run paper through printer. 


To coat thin paper or fabric

1.     Lay paper or fabric on carrier sheet

2.     Coat paper or fabric with Ink Aid.  The InkAid will soad through and “glue” the paper to the carrier sheet.

3.     This can go directly through the printer


To get the printer to print ON your paper on the right spot

3 options: (I recommend option 3)

1.     Add canvas in Photoshop using canvas size to match the margins of your paper on the carrier sheet

2.     Type the margins in the dialog box when you print

3.     Scan the paper on the carrier sheet to begin with and work on top of it.  Make sure your inches are set correctly so your image will fall in the correct place.

Note that #3 is essential if your paper is an irregular shape.


To test out ground

1.     Scan you ground into the computer

2.     Lay your image on top of your ground and set the layer on multiply.

3.     Rubber stamp over the edges of your image to remove straight lines.

4.     Erase at varying levels of opacity and brush sizes until your ground is revealed underneath.

5.     Work with the layer opacity until you get the correct amount of ground to show through.


If your paper is too small or has frayed edges, use a carrier sheet.