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Presentation Assignment

You will choose one of the topics from a list and make a 15-minute presentation to the class. Topics range from assignment related to technique and concepts.

Assignment Details

Assigned Tuesday, January 12 - Class 1

Presentations will be due throughout the semester as determined on day one.

Assignment 1 - Your Art

Your will take inventory of your art and consider the work that best illustrates your current focus or direction. You will also do research on other artists who have connections to your work.

Assignment Details

Assigned Tuesday, January 12 - Class 1

Part I Presentations of your art, Due Day 2, January 14
Part II Write up Due Day 3, January 19

Assignment 2 - Story Telling and Narrative in Still Imagery

Create six (or more) images using Photoshop, Painter, and various input techniques (digital camera, web, scanning) to make six works that tell a story.

Assignment Details

Assigned Thursday, January 14 - Class 2
DUE Tuesday, February 2 - Class 7

Assignment 2.5 - Prints from Assignment 2

Using the digital arts print lab, print three to five of your best works from Assignment two. Prints should be at least 8X10 unless your work is ABOUT having small prints.

Rather than having your prints due right after critique (Feb 9, day 9), you will take more of an active role in preparing your work for printing. After a lecture on profiling and printing (Feb 16, day 11), you will prepare your work for printing as if you will actually make the print. You will then shadow an MCaP worker to observe your print being made.

We will cover printing details in class.

For your reference, here is Jason's powerpoint:
Print Profiling the the Lab

DUE Thursday, February 25- Class 14

Assignment 3 - Portraiture

Create 4 to 6 images, depending upon your methodology, that describe or embody any person except yourslef.

Assignment Details

Assigned Thursday, February 4 - Class 8
DUE Thursday, February 25 - Class 14
Prints DUE Thursday, March 3 - Class 16

Assignment 4 - Mid Term

Create 6 to 8 images, depending upon your methodology, that are conceptually and technically your idea.

Assignment Details

Assigned Thursday, February 25 - Class 14
DUE Mid Term Summary Thursday, March 3 - Class 16
DUE Tuesday, March 29 - Class 21

Final Body of Work

Create 8 or a different amount of images, depending on your contract, that are a body of work and that will be printed and displayed in an alternative or traditional way. All images wil be matted, one will be framed.

Assignment Details

Assigned Tuesday, March 22 - Class 19

Part I, Contract Due Thursday, March 31 - Class 22
Contract (check off)

Part II Final images Due Tuesday, April 26 - Class 29

Part III, Final images and revisions Due May 5, 8:30-10:30