Due Dates

Part I Presentations of You Art, Due: Day 2, Thursday, January 14
Part II Write Up, Due: Day 3, Tuesday, January 19


Your will take inventory of your art and consider the work that best illustrates your current focus or direction as it relates to digital imaging. You will also do research on other artists who have connections to your work.


For students to take inventory of their current artistic direction.
For students to start understanding what they do best in imaging.
For students to begin to develop their artistic signature.
For students to start to understand what they want to say or do with their imaging.
For students to recognize other historical or contemporary artists who share similar techniques, content, or approaches with their own work.


Look at the important art that you have created so far and choose the work that best illustrates your current focus or direction as it relates to imaging. This could be an aesthetic direction, a technique you want to develop, a theory or an idea that you want to push further. The work that you present does not have to be digital imaging, but you need to relate it to the work you want to do in digital imaging.

Bring this work to class on Day 2 and present it to the class, explaining what you have done and what you would like to work on.

Only bring a few works, no more than can be covered in 10 minutes.

Be prepared to show your work right away as we cannot waste time between presentations. Load your work in your class folder on the server (ARTC 4230) or have a link ready.
Make a folder with your last name on it and put your work in it. You may also store a word file with links. Make sure images are 5MB or less. NOTE: If you go to a website, do not spend time searching around for work. It must be ready to show.

After reviewing your work, write-up the following:
1) Your current artistic and technical focus and how that applies to imaging.
2) At least two artists whose work you identify with on some level. These artists can inspire you artistically, conceptually, technically, or any other way you can think of.

See the following resources, in addition to any other things you find:

IDEAS exhibition catalogues:

See “Links” page of class website (above)

SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community
Center for Fine Art Photography
Photoplace Gallery

SIGGRAPH 2015, was about craft. See if you can find documentation.
Do searches on SIGGRAPH 2012-14 for podcasts of the art gallery

siggraph 2011
siggraph 2010
siggraph 2009
siggraph 2007
siggraph 2006
siggraph 2003

siggraph 2001

Do searches on SIGGRAPH 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2005 for catalogs of the art gallery

BONUS: Include pictures from the artists you refer to.

Submission Requirements

You are not required to turn in this work, but you may use your class folder for storage.

Put a digital version of your write-up via CANVAS Assignment One.


You will be graded on the work and thought you put into organizing your work for the presentation and the amount of thought you put behind trying to determine an imaging direction. I will also consider how well you presented your ideas to the class.

You will also be graded on how well you write up your current artistic direction, the research you do on other artists and how they relate to your work. I will also consider your SPELLING and GRAMMAR!

This assignment will be averaged with equal weight to the other assignments except the final. Please see CANVAS for the percentages.

Please note

Ask any questions in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the assignment.