Calendar at a Glance:

ART 4240




January 12

Intro, Give Assignment 1

January 14

Demo: Print, Wet Transfer, Alcohol Transfer

January 19

Break for MLK Day

January 21

Demo: mod podge, Image/idea Check-in, Work Time

January 26

Transfer Check-in, Work Time

January 28

Assignment 1 DUE, critique.  Give Assignment 2

February 2

Finish Crit 1 (if nec.), Demo: Inkaid, Overprint and Underprint

February 4

Image/idea Check-in, Work Time

February 9

Print Check-in, Work Time

February 11

Assignment 2 DUE, critique.  Give Assignment 3

February 16 (Pres day)

Finish Crit 2 (if nec.), Intro “skin” concept, Demo (if time): Decal

February 18

Finish Demo (if need be), work time if time allows

February 23

Image/idea Check-in, Work Time

February 25

Print Check-in, Work Time

March 2

Assignment 3 DUE, critique.  Give Assignment 4 (finish crit today!)

March 4

DEMO Lesson:  Assignment 4, Fresco and Gel.

March 9

Spring Break

March 11

Spring Break

March 16 

Image/idea Check-in, Work Time

March 18

Print Check-in (transfers or printed silkjets), Work Time

March 23

Work time (should be transferring and messing up in time to re-do)

March 25

Assignment 4 DUE, critique.  Give Assignment 5

March 30

Demo:  supersauce to wood and metal

April 1

Image/idea Check-in, Work Time

April 6


Print Check-in (DASS prints or transfers), Work Time

April 8

Assignment 5 DUE, critique

April 13

Final proposals due, student meetings and Work Time

April 15

Final Progress Check-in, Work Time

April 20

Work Time, Final

April 22

GRADED Final Progress Check-in, Work Time

April 27

Work Time, Final

April 29

Final DUE, Critique I with final final due May 4


May 4 (Monday)

3:30-5:30, Final Revisions DUE