Alternative Digital Print


Spring 2015


NOTE:  The calendar WILL change, but I will update it as soon as things move around so check often!!


Day 1                 Monday, Jan 12


MONITOR MEETING Tuesday 5pm in 246 Wolfe


Login, connect to server,

Show examples overall lecture

Show physical examples

Give ass 1

Show examples of ass 1

Bring a notebook  and KEY CARD for Wednesday


Day 2                 Wednesday, Jan 14

Printing Demo

Lesson,  Demo, basic wet transfer, alcohol transfer

(Maybe PS for those who need it)

Bring Laser for Wednesday


                           Monday, Jan 19

                           MLK day, No School



Day 3                 Wednesday, Jan 21

Demo mod podge and have students try this to paper.

Informal check-in, digital images

Work Time: Come prepared to work on assignment number 1

You will all be at different stages, working on the digital image, printing or transferring


Day 4                 Monday, Jan 26

Informal check-in, transfers

Work Time

You will all be at different stages, working on the digital image in 246 Wolfe, printing in McAP, or transferring in 246 Wolfe


Day 5                 Wednesday, Jan 38

Assignment 1 due, critique

Introduce assignment 2, Inkaid and OVERprint or UNDERprint

Give Assignment 2


Day 6                 Monday, Feb 2

Finish Critique from Assignment 1

Lesson (demo), Assignment 2, Inkaid and OVERprint or UNDERprint

Work time


Day 7                 Wednesday, Feb 4

Informal check-in, digital images

Work time


Day 8                 Monday, Feb 9

Informal check-in, prints

Work time


Day 9                 Wednesday, Feb 11

Assignment 2 due, critique

Introduce the concept of assignment 3 (“skin” or decal)

Show examples

Give Assignment 3


Day 10               Monday, Feb 16

Finish Critique for Assignment 2

Introduce the concept of assignment 3 (“skin” or decal)

Show examples

Maybe Demo, if not do it on Wed




Day 11               Wednesday, Feb 18

If not done on Monday: 

Lesson (Demo): Assignment 3, demo creating the “skin.”

Transferring the “skin”

Printing on the “skin”


Optional: Collage with the “skin” and scan collage for prep.



Day 12               Monday, Feb 23

Informal check-in, digital images and ideas

Work Time


Day 13               Wednesday, Feb 25

Informal check-in, some decals printed

Work TIme



Day 14               Monday, March 2

Assignment 3 due, critique, finish critique today!

Introduce Assignment 4



Day 15               Wednesday March 4

DEMO Lesson:  Assignment 4, Fresco and Gel.



Spring Break March 9-13




Day 16               Monday, March 16

Informal check-in, images

Work time



Day 17               Wednesday, March 18

Informal check-in, transfers or printed silkjets

Work time


Day 18               Monday, March 23

Work time (should be transferring and messing up in time to re-do)


Day 19               Wednesday March 25       

Assignment 4 due, critique today

Give assignment 5, supersauce to wood and metal


Day 20               Monday, March 30

Demo: assignment 5, supersauce to wood and metal


Day 21               Wednesday, April 1

Informal check-in ideas and images

Work time assignment 5


Day 22               Monday, April 6

Informal check-in DASS prints or transfers

Work time assignment 5

Give final


Day 23               Wednesday, April 8

Assignment 5 due


Day 24               Monday, April 13

Work time final

Final proposals due, meet will students about proposals


Day 25               Wednesday, April 15

Informal check-in

Work time final


Day 26               Monday, April 20

Work time final


Day 27               Wednesday, April 22

Graded check-in

Work time final


Day 28               Monday, April 27

Work time final


Day 29               Wednesday, April 29, last day class

Final Critique I with final final due May 4



Mon., May 4

3:30- 5:30 pm


Regular time is Friday from 3:30-5:30  The slot I chose is for a 3:30 m/w class and since you are in this class at that time, you have no academic conflicts.

Optional revisions due, final final critique.  Attendance is mandatory.