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Reading summaries

January 26, Project 1
February 16, Project 2
March 18, Project 3
April 6, Project 4

For each project, you will be required to:
Write a one to three paragraph summary of each reading or video assigned for the project.
Come up with one to three questions or insights you had while reading or viewing all parts of the assignment.

Your final submission will be one to two pages.

You will be graded on how well you summarized the assignment, the depth of your question(s) or insights and completing all parts.

The readings for each topic are posted here:

Exercise 0

The Role of the Artist in Facilitating the Aesthetic Experience: Immersion

Due Wednesday, January 22

After reading, watching videos and discussing the aesthetic experience and the artist's role in it, cull the work that you have already done and talk about ways in which you think about the viewer. Consider how your work could immerse the viewer, with or without technology, thus facilitating the aesthetic experience. You may optionally talk about ways you might, in the future, extend the work to match your ideas for the viewer experience.

You will give a brief presentation (roughly 10 minutes) of your work and ideas during class.

This exercise will begin to develop your skills in molding your ideas to relavent contemporary trends. It will also help you think about the viewer experience, which is often something artists ignore.

You will be graded on how well you were able to mold the topic into work that you have already completed.

Discussion Leader

Choose one date from:
January 26, Project 1
February 16, Project 2
March 18, Project 3
April 6, Project 4

You will be responsible for leading the discussion for one of the project readings on your given day.

It is up to you how you will lead the discussion, but do relate the assignment to art practice and include questions for the class to respond to.

You will be graded on how well summarized all the parts of the assignment, how well you were able to see the relation of the assignment to art practice and how well you were able to engage the class.


Artistic Spaces 1: Those we create, Due February 11
Artistic Spaces 2: Those we work in, Due March 4
Big Data 1: Impact on the arts, Due April 1
Big Data 2: Identity, Due April 22
Final May 5

Create a response:
After reading about and discussing the project theme, fuse some of the new ideas you learned with your artistic content or methodology. Create new works that continue your thesis research, but that are a result of your consideration of concepts that you came across in the reading or discussion.

You have three choices of how to respond:

Make new work that is an extension of your current research and is related to the topic.

Write an essay with a thesis that emerged from the topic.

Art response:
Make a video or other art form that is not typical of your current research and is related to the topic. This option is open ended and can be humorous, satirical, political, critical or any other approach that references the topic.

Use class time to work on your project, meet with the professor or share ideas with the other students.

You will present your work during the critique dates listed above. If you chose a written response, you may read your work or prepare a powerpoint or similar presentation

You will be graded on how well you infused the topic into your work. Craft will be a small part of your assessment, but I am more interested in how you interpret the ideas and embed it in your work.

The readings for each topic and due date are posted here:

Final Summary

Due Tuesday, May 5, 10:45-12:45

Consider the work that you did for this class over the spring semester. Prepare to present a body of your best work that highlights the most solid idea that you infused in your work. This assignment is also related to curation.

On the final day, you will present your work and your unified theme.
You will be graded on the solidity of your strongest idea(s) related to the class and how it(they) come across in the work you chose to present.

Reading is posted here: Readings


You are expected to actively engage in all discussions and critiques.

Participation Grades:

You will get a grade for each project discussion (except for the one that you lead) on the amount and quality of your participation - Exercise 0 through Project 4

You will get one grade for all of you critique participation over the semester. You will be assessed on the quality of the comments that you give during critique.