Alternative Digital Print


Spring 2014


NOTE:  The calendar WILL change, but I will update it as soon as things move around so check often!!


Day 1                 Monday, Jan 13


MONITOR MEETING Tuesday 5pm in 246 Wolfe


Login, connect to server,

Show examples overall lecture

Show physical examples

Give ass 1

Show examples of ass 1

Possible lesson, depending on time.

Bring a notebook  and KEY CARD for Wednesday


Day 2                 Wednesday, Jan 15

Printing Demo

Lesson,  Demo, basic wet transfer, alcohol transfer

(Maybe PS for those who need it)

Bring Laser for Wednesday


                           Monday, Jan 20

                           MLK day, No School



Day 3                 Wednesday, Jan 22

Demo mod podge and have students try this to paper.

Informal check-in, digital images

Work Time: Come prepared to work on assignment number 1

You will all be at different stages, working on the digital image, printing or transferring


Day 4                 Monday, Jan 27

Informal check-in, transfers

Work Time

You will all be at different stages, working on the digital image in 246 Wolfe, printing in McAP, or transferring in 246 Wolfe



Day 5                 Wednesday, Jan 29

Assignment 1 due, critique

Some students had issues due to weather.  We will celebrate those who are done and critique the rest on Monday.


Introduce assignment 2, Inkaid and OVERprint or UNDERprint

                           Give Assignment 2


If time, students who were weather bound may work on Assignment 1.

Other students may start digital images, ground work or scanning for assignment 2.



Day 6                 Monday, Feb 3

Finish Critique from Assignment 1

Lesson (demo), Assignment 2, Inkaid and OVERprint or UNDERprint

Work time


Day 7                 Wednesday, Feb 6

Informal check-in, digital images

Work time


Day 8                 Monday, Feb 10

Informal check-in, prints

Work time


Day 9                 Wednesday, Feb 12

Assignment 2 due, critique

Introduce the concept of assignment 3 (“skin” or decal)

Show examples

Give Assignment 3


Day 10               Monday, Feb 17

President’s Day, Portfolio Revew!!

Assignment 2 due, critique

Introduce the concept of assignment 3 (“skin” or decal)




Day 11               Wednesday, Feb 19

Show examples

Give Assignment 3

Lesson (Demo): Assignment 3, demo creating the “skin.”

Transferring the “skin”

Printing on the “skin”

Optional: Collage with the “skin” and scan collage for prep.



Day 12               Monday, Feb 24

Informal check-in, digital images and ideas

Work Time


Day 13               Wednesday, Feb 26

Informal check-in, some decals printed

Work TIme



Day 14               Monday, March 3

Assignment 3 due, critique, finish critique today!

Introduce Assignment 4



Day 15               Wednesday March 5

DEMO Lesson:  Assignment 4, Fresco and Gel.



Spring Break March 10-14




Day 16               Monday, March 17

Informal check-in, images

Work time



Day 17               Wednesday, March 19

Informal check-in, transfers or printed silkjets

Work time


Day 18               Monday, March 24

Work time (should be transferring and messing up in time to re-do)


Day 19               Wednesday March 26       

Assignment 4 due, critique today

Give assignment 5, supersauce to wood and metal


Day 20               Monday, March 31

Give and demo assignment 5,


Day 21               Wednesday, April 2

Informal check-in ideas and images

Work time assignment 5


Day 22               Monday, April 7

Informal check-in silkjet prints or transfers

Work time assignment 5

Give final


Day 23               Wednesday, April 9

Assignment 5 due


Day 24               Monday, April 14

Work time final

Final proposals due, meet will students about proposals


Day 25               Wednesday, April 16

Informal check-in

Work time final


Day 26               Monday, April 21

Graded check-in

Work time final


Day 27               Wednesday, April 23

Work time final


Day 28               Monday, April 28

Work time final


Day 29               Wednesday, April 30, last day class

Final Critique I with final final due May 7



Wed., May 7

3:30  - 5:00 pm

Optional revisions due, final final critique.  Attendance is mandatory.