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Class 1 - Monday, Jan 11

Monitor meeting at 5pm, Tuesday January 12th in room 1030.

Introduction, overview of course (Syllabus), accounts, logging onto computers.

Survey Student experience

Give and go over assignment number one
Assignment Assignment 1 - Painterly Imagery and Straight Photography
due Monday, February 1

Give and go over reading number one

Light and Lens: Photography and the Digital Age , Robert Hirsch, Focal Press, 2008.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
pp 62-63, 77-85, 87(start with Shutter)-90
Ignore digital references

Class 2 - Wednesday, Jan 13

Lecture Scanning (mac lab and 202)
Lecture Analog photography
Lecture Bridge and contact sheets
Lecture Work on assignment 1

Monday, Jan 18

School closed, MLK day

Class 3 - Wednesday, Jan 20

Lecture Dr. Hershberger on Photo History
Reference/Discuss Reading One, Due today

Class 4 - Monday, Jan 25

DEMO Basic photo functions in Photoshop
Printing specs in room 202
Work time assignment 1

Class 5 - Wednesday, Jan 27

Work time assignment 1


Class 6 - Monday, Feb 1

DUE Assignment One, critique

Class 7 - Wednesday, Feb 3

Student tech visit: Low end digital cameras, cameras in arc

Finish crit from last time

DUE CDs with covers

Give assignment 2, History Revision and Basic Digital Photography

Give reading 2:
Light and Lens: Photography and the Digital Age , Robert Hirsch, Focal Press, 2008.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
PP 64-76, 85-87, 90-98

"Pedro Meyer's Documentary Fictions," Metamorphoses, Photography in the Electronic Age, Jonathan Green, Aperture, 1994.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format

Class 8 - Monday, Feb 8

DUE Prints for Assignment One, short critique
Follow up: Basic digital functions on camera (ARC)
View examples
Bidge to upload
work time

Class 9 - Wednesday, Feb 10

Discuss reading 2
Basic digital from Light and Lens (64--76, 85-87, 90-98) and Pedro Meyer reading
Graded on participation
Work time, assignment 2

Class 10 - Monday, Feb 15

Dena in Portfolio Reviews
Attendance required
Work time, assignment 2

Class 11 - Wednesday, Feb 17

DUE Assigment 2, Citique

Class 12 - Monday, Feb 22

Finish Crit
Due: Prints from Assignment 2, short critique
Give Assignment 3, Photographic Truth and High End Digital
Give reading from Wm Mitchell, Reconfigured Eye

Class 13 - Wednesday, Feb 24

Sadie and Chase on Reading
Camera raw and Bridge
DemoHigh end digital cameras
Go back over assignment three, Photographic Truth and High End Digital
Work time, prepare for reading


Class 14 - Monday, March 1

Printing on Epson 4880
Discussion, Part I The Reconfigured Eye (Mitchell)

Class 15 - Wednesday, March 3

Discussion, Part II The Reconfigured Eye (Mitchell)
Work time, Assignment 3

Monday, March 8, Spring Break

Wednesday, March 10, Spring Break

Class 16 - Monday, March 15

Assigment 3 Citique

Class 17 - Wednesday, March 17

Finish Critique, Assignment 3
Give Assignment 4
Give reading, The Death of Photography

Class 18 - Monday, March 22

DUE Prints for Assignment 3, short crit
Part A due, Assigmnet 4
Each student present response images

Class 19 - Wednesday, March 24

Part B, In class exercise and presentation, Assigmnet 4

Class 20 - Monday, March 29 PASSOVER

Dena gone for Passover
Assigment 4 Part C
Partners must meet today to in class to discuss and critique work in response to prompts from Part C.
Students will take this feedback to improve work by re-shooting or manipulating further.

Class 21 - Wednesday, March 31

Work time, Assignment 4, Part B and C


Class 22 - Monday, April 5

Due Assignment 4, critique Part C (B, v 2) and wrap-up of assignment.
Give Final and discuss

Class 23 - Wednesday, April 7

Finish Assignment 4 Critique
Due Final Contracts
If time allows, student meetings about final. Otherwise, meet on April 12

Class 24 - Monday, April 12

Student meetings about Final Contract
Come to class prepared to work on final
Work Time, Final

Class 25 - Wednesday, April 14

Student meetings if not done
Come to class prepared to work on final
Work Time, Final

Class 26 - Monday, April 19

Formal Progress Check-in
Work time, Final

Class 27 - Wednesday, April 21

Presentaion Demonstration
Work time, Final

Class 28 - Monday, April 26

critique Final Project Due - Critique Part I

Class 29 - Wednesday, April 28

critique Final Project Citique Part II

Class 30 - was MLK day, Jan 18th

May 3 - May 7

Finals Week

Individual conferences by appointment

Please note

This Schedule is subject to change during the course and the instructor will notify students of changes.