Alternative Digital Print/2-D Digital Hybrids


Spring 09


Day 1                 Tuesday, Jan 13


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Lesson, assignment 1 Digital fabrication with Transfer

         photoshop:  BASIC scanning, painting, collage



Day 2                 Thursday, Jan 15

Lesson,  Demo, wet transfer

Intro to printers (Epson 9000/4880), whatever is working. 

Intro to printing on the Epson 4880 using silkjet


Day 3                 Tuesday, Jan 20

Meet in the MAC lab

                           Demo using photoshop for assignment 1

Work Time: Come prepared to work on assignment number 1

You will all be at different stages, working on the digital image in the MAC lab, printing in 202, or transferring in 2004 or 202.


Day 4                 Thursday, Jan 22

                           Work Time


Day 5                 Tues, Jan 27

Assignment 1 due, critique


Day 6                 Thurs, Jan 29

Assignment 1 critique

Lesson, Assignment 2, begin the monoprint + magazine and laser

                           Give Assignment 2


Day 7                 Tues, Feb 3

Lesson, more for assignment 2, anything digital or print related if needed

Work time


Day 8                 Thursday, Feb 5

Work time



Day 8                 Tues, Feb 10

Work time


Day 9                 Thurs, Feb 12

Assignment 2 due, critique



Day 10               Tues, Feb 17

Assignment 2 critique

Introduce the concept of assignment 3


Day 11               Thurs, Feb 19

                           Lesson:  Assignment 3 (inkaid + “skin” or decal)

                           Inkaid and OVERprint or UNDERprint

                           Give Assignment 3

                           Work Time



Day 12               Tues, Feb 24

                           Lesson:  “skin” or Decals

                           Work TIme


Day 13               Thurs, Feb 26  CAA Shaurya Gone

Optional lesson:  Collage with the “skin”

Work time


Day 14               Tues, March 3

Work time


Day 15               Thurs, March 5

Work Time


Tuesday, March 10

Thursday, March 12



Day 16               Tuesday, March 17


Assignment 3 due, critique



Day 18               Thurs, March 19

                           Finish Assignment 3 crit

Introduce Lesson:  Assignment 4, Fresco and Gel.  Have students continue images from before Or create something new that works with the Fresco idea, then another one that works with the surface below (for GEL)



Day 19               Tues, March 24

Lesson:  Demo fresco and gel


Day 20               Thurs, March 26 Shaurya gone and MAYBE Dena gone

Work time


Day 21               Tuesday, March 31


                           Work time



Day 22               Thursday, April 2


Work time


Day 23               Tuesday, April 7

Assignment 4 due, critique


Day 24               Thursday, April 9 (Dena probably gone for Passover)

Finish critique, assignment 4

                           Give assignment 5, state proof and method of choice.

                           Perhaps show other media possibilities for over and underprinting

                           Work time



Day 25               Tuesday, April 14

                           Optional Lessons:  Van Dyke? Fabric Printing? Create custom surface on spun-bonded non-woven fabric (polyester or polypropylene

                           Work time


Day 26               Thursday, April 16

                           Work time


Day 27               Tuesday, April 21

Work time


Day 28               Thursday, April 23

Work time


Day 29               Tuesday, April 28

                           Final Critique I


Day 30               Thursday, April 30

                           Final Critique II