Due Dates

Part I Due March 11th, I encourage you to finish Feb 28th
Contract (check off)

Part Ib Due In class March 11th (for checkoff)
Monitor calibration

Part II Due March 18th
Images, will be critiqued but can be improved for printing

Part III Due April 1st
Make your own prints (4 including profiled print)

Part IV Due April 1st
A print from a paper that you profiled

Part V Due April 1st


Create 4 to 8 images with the intention to display them as traditional prints. The images will constitute a cohesive body of work that goes together as a whole. To that end you will learn large format printing, print profiling, and monitor calibration.

Take stock of the work you have created thus far. Is there a thread to your work? Is there a particular theme? A style? An aesthetic? Because you are an advanced student, I want you, from this point on, to be thinking about unique content and styles that define your imaging work. For this assignment, you are to create 4 to 8 images (depending on how you work) with the goal of creating a high quality fine art print.

Images will be a choice of:
1) The development of something unique to your aesthetic (see above).
2) A reaction to making something physical and big (finally) as opposed to something virtual or small, as in assignments 1 and 2.
3) Wild card (your choice)

I want you to focus on content first, and then perfect a technique or techniques that you need in order to make these successful images.


To understand how the content, aesthetics, and approach of your images may or may not change given a traditional display
To develop a personal imaging aesthetic and voice
To learn how to calibrate screens
To learn how to print on large format printers
To learn how to profile papers and inks for a given printer
To learn how to critique and understand good digital prints
To develop specific techniques related to individual goals


Write a contract that specifies
1. The idea or content behind this body of work.
2. Your aesthetic approach (Digital painting, drawing, collage,photography, etc.)
3. Your output goal, or how many images you will make. This is related to your working method.
March 11th, however I strongly encourage you to finish Feb 28th

Monitor calibration
We will calibrate all the monitors in room 1026 in class on March 11th. You will each have the opportunity to go through the steps so you can learn to balance the color on your screens using calibration hardware.
In class March 11th

Create the 4 to 8 images specified in you contract. NOTE, this will be a cohesive body of work that goes together as a whole.
Create a folder with your name on it in the Assignment 3 folder and place your images for this assignment in it.
Due March 18th

Make prints on the 9000 or 9880
You will each be required to print four of your works on either the 9000 or the 9880. You will get a printing demonstration on March 13th and your prints will be due on March 25th. You will need to schedule your time so you can print when the print lab is open and supervised. You will also learn how to profile paper and your fourth print can be counted as the profiled print (see below). Given the time it takes to print and the number of students in the class, I would like you to work in teams of at least two. That is, agree on a paper to profile and/or gang your prints together so printing goes faster.
Due April 1st

Choose a paper that we don't have a profile for, apply inkaid if necessary, and use our profiling hardware to profile the paper and make a print. This can be counted as your fourth print. As I said above, I urge you to work in teams of at least two. You will have to schedule time when the lab is open.
Due April 1st

Now that you have created work for and in reaction to Second Life, for the purpose of mobile devices, and for traditional display, I would like you to compare the processes. Describe the benefits and downfalls of each for how you work. Conclude with your ideas about the potential of imaging using these approaches to dissemination and how you plan to work in the future.
Due April 1st

Submission Requirements

Bring a hard copy of your contract to class on the due date.

Create a folder with your name on it in the Assignment 3 folder in the class folder. Put your 4 to 8 images in this folder. No image should be greater than 5 MB and should be tiff or jpg format.

Bring your completed prints to class on the due date for a short critique.

Bring the target file printed on your chosen paper along with the print you made with the target. Write the name of your profile on the sheet of paper with the target printed on it.

Turn in a digital copy to your assignment 3 folder AND turn in a hard copy at the start of class on the due date.


You will be graded on your ability to complete all parts of the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

This assignment will be averaged with equal weight to the other assignments except the final, which will have a weight of 3.

Please note

Ask any questions in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the assignment.