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Assignment 1 - Second Life: Images and Existence

You will create a body of work for display in Second Life. To that end, you will make an avatar so you can learn about Second Life; the culture, communication, navigation, exploration, and ultimately exhibition opportunities.

Reading 1 Second Life: A Guide to your Virtual World, Brian White, Que, 2008.
On reserve at the ARC
Eventually on eRes, Adobe Acrobat .pdf format - Jerome Library - Electronic Reserve
pp 3-24

Assignment Details

Assigned Tuesday, January 8 - Class 1

Part I Due Tuesday January 15
Part II Due Tuesday January 22
Part III Due Thursday January 24
Part IV Due Tues January 29
Part V Due Thursday February 1

Assignment 2 - Narrative imagery and audio for iPods

Create from 4 to 8 (or more) images that are a narrative of sorts, that is, will be seen sequentially on a small mobile device and with some kind of audio.

Assignment Details

Part I Due Tuesday, Feb 12
Create images, discuss audio and sequence

Part II Due Feb 19 (for checkoff)
Create sound

Part III Due Thurs, Feb 26
Put together audiocast in garage band

Part IV Due Tues Tues, Feb 26
Create podcast/audiocast and post it

Part V Due Thurs, Feb 28

Assignment 3 - Images for printing, print profiling, monitor calibration

Create 4 to 8 images with the intention to display them as traditional prints. The images will constitute a cohesive body of work that goes together as a whole. To that end you will learn large format printing, print profiling, and monitor calibration.

Assignment Details

Part I Due March 11th, I encourage you to finish Feb 28th
Contract (check off)

Part Ib Due In class March 11th (for checkoff)
Monitor calibration

Part II Due March 18th
Images, will be critiqued but can be improved for printing

Part III Due Apri 1st
Make your own prints (4 including profiled print)

Part IV Due April 1st
A print from a paper that you profiled

Part V Due April 1st

Final Body of Work

Create 8 or more images, depending on your contract, that are a body of work and will be printed and displayed in an alternative or traditional way. All images wil be matted, one will be framed.

Assignment Details

Part I, Contract Due April 1st
Contract (check off)

Part II Final images and prints Due April 22nd
Critique will be 4.22 and 4.24