Digital Mixed Media


Summer 2007

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-1:50pm


Dr. Dena Elisabeth Eber  

Phone:  372-8526                                                   Office: 123


Office Hours Tuesday 2pm-4pm or by appointment


PREQUISITES                                                         NUMBER OF CREDITS: 3

Experience making images on a computer



In Digital Mixed Media we will explore means of realizing artworks that start with digital images and include, but go far beyond the high-end digital prints available at the CAT lab.  We will experiment with various handmade printing substrates, printing methods, and post printing additions such as painting, collage, and 3D objects.  This will all build on a foundation of digital imaging.


To that end, students will be expected to develop a mature and cohesive body of work.  The first three quarters of the semester will include experimentation with various methodologies.  The latter part of the semester will be the application and perfection of a method that the student chooses.


We will cover specific details within mixed media using digital imaging as a core. You are expected to have a comfort level with the software and the computer*. I assume all students have an advanced level of sensitivity to figuring out what they need to on the computer and a level of hardware and software expertise.  I further assume that all students have the maturity to experiment and extend or solve methods covered in class. 



Subject to changes, additions, and subtractions.


The primary goals of this class are to help you crystallize some of your artistic ideas by extending the digital imaging medium beyond the generic computer print and to ignite a passion for artistic experimentation. Different areas might include, but are not limited to:

      Printing with large format printers and pigmented inks

      Wet paper transfer

      Gelatin transfer

      Fresco Transfer

      Print on coated surfaces (clear) – (from rice paper to handmade)

      Print on collage substrate

      Emulsion transfer to varied surfaces or 3D objects (Make and print on a Skin)

      Emulsion (van dyke, etc) and the digital negative

      Under paint with white/pearl

      Create custom surface on spun-bonded non-woven fabric (polyester or polypropylene)

      Overprinting (Use other media such as paint or pastel as a base)

      Underprinting (Work on top with other Media)

      Print on Fabric




Blank journal (notes and sketches)                                                         

Secondary back up (Flash Drives, CDs or DVD-R disk)                  

Money for prints and supplies



Buy as needed (please wait):

xacto knife

Surfaces for fresco and gelatin


Misc Media (paint, pastel, pencil)

Misc collage stuff



You will be graded on an equal balance (unless otherwise noted) of the following:


Class participation (asking questions, participation in discussions, making comments, participating in critiques)

Each assignment


      Technique or willingness to experiment

      Problem solving

      Formal qualities

Final Project (X 3)                                                                     



Up to 24 hours late is one letter grade down, 24 to 48 hours late is lowered two letter grades.  I will not accept late assignments after two days and you will receive an F for that project.



Attendance throughout the semester is mandatory. Because there are a number of in-class exercises that cannot be made up after class, absences, whether excused or not, will affect your grade. If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining class assignments and information from a fellow student. Absence and missing announcements due to being late is not a valid excuse for coming to the following class unprepared, or for not having an assignment completed that was given while you were gone. 


All absences (excused or not)

1-3 absences = no penalty except loss of instruction

4 absences = grade lowered one grade value (above 10% of course)

5 absences = grade lowered two grade values

6 absences = grade lowered three grade values - consider dropping the course

7 absences = Fail class (above 20% of course)



Three late = one absence.  Role is taken at the beginning of class, it is your responsibility to make sure I mark you present if you wander in late.  This must be done during the class period.


I make numerous important announcements at the beginning of many classes.  If you miss them due to being late, you are responsible for getting them from a fellow student.



Leaving class early without clearing it with me will be counted as an absence.



Attendance during critiques is mandatory. 

      If you miss a regular critique, the project for that critique will be lowered by one letter grade. 

      If you are absent from the final critique, it will lower your final grade by one.



You are accountable for material covered in class, including handouts.  IF ANYTHING IS NOT CLEAR, ASK!  It is your responsibility to get missed material.  I will happily clarify items you do not understand, but I will not repeat demonstrations for absentee's. 



      Use of Artwork:  Projects created in this Digital Art course may be used by the School of Art for the purpose of promoting the student, the department, and/or the university in general. These materials may also be used for instructional purposes in future courses. If you have any reservations about your work being used please notify the instructor.



Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability please come talk to me after class or during office hours.  The goal of the Disability Services for Students Office is to help provide equal access and reasonable accommodations to BGSU students with disabilities.  Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contact their office at 372-8495 (413 South Hall).