Advanced Imaging

Due Monday, Feb 27th  

8 images (depending)

Brief summary Due Wednesday, February 15th 


NOTE:  You should be working with larger images if you plan to print them, anywhere from 5 to 50 MB (or more).  You are not required to print for the midterm.  The images you turn in will be digital should still be 3 MB or less.  If printing is a concern for you, then we will view them (or some) for the critique; otherwise we will view a projection.  You can show a combination and what you show can be work in progress for your final.



Write a brief sentence or two telling me your intention for this assignment.  Some of you are working in a slightly different way and your work is not conducive to 8 images.  This is the chance to make your argument.  The summary should stipulate how you plan to show your work.


8 IMAGES DUE 2/27 at 2:30 pm

Make 8 images that are either an extension of your story idea or a new idea.  All images must be related in some way (style, content, formal elements, approach, etc.)  View this assignment as practice for your final. 



Document the work in your journal.  Be sure to label the pages as ARTC 423 midterm.



1.     8 images in digital TIFF format, 3 MB or less

2.     Make a folder in your named class folder called Midterm and put the images in there.