Advanced Imaging, Spring 2006

Contract due Monday, March 20th

Final Due by class time Monday, April 24h

Final critique Monday, April 24h and Wednesday, April 26th


NOTE:  Come to class prepared to work on your final.  If you donıt bring your work to class, I will assume you have spare time and will find other work for you.



TYPE a contract that contains your goal for a final project.  The contract will cover the following four points:


1) Your concept or idea behind your work (this may naturally change, but keep me up to date).

2) Any formal considerations (For example, you may want to work with texture or color.)

3) Method of output and how many.  (For example, installation, prints (what kind?), light box, screen, etc.)

4) Technical considerations, if any (Some examples, frame or mat board, how big will your files be and how will you deal with that, or how will you build a light box) 

5) How many images (or boxes, or whatever) you plan to make.  You must argue to support your numbers.  An average number to shoot for is around 8-10 images.


This work should build on or be an extension of you midterm, but you may, if need be, start an entire new body of work.



In your journal write anything you want me to know about your work.

Make sketches and notes about your ideas and take notes about your process.


TURN IN (4/24)

1.     Digital copy of you images in class homework folder as usual.  Name your folder ³Final.²


Images should be tif (.tif extension), flattened, no channels or wet layers, and not more than around 3 MB. 



We will view OBJECTS (not digital projections) unless you make specifications in your contract with reasons why you are choosing digital projection AND I OK it.  Slide projections or installations count as objects.


The Final will take two days, but all work is due on April 24th.  Everyone must attend both critiques, even if you already presented your work.  Absence from a midterm or final critique will lower your grade by one.