ASSIGNMENT 4, Epson 9000 Print

Advanced Imaging

DUE Wednesday, March 1st

NOTE:  second day of mid-term


1 (or more) Print

Choose any image you want a print of and make your own print on the Epson 9000.  It might make sense, although not required, to contrast this print with one you made with another FLAAR machine.  It might also make sense for this to be a mid-term image, but this is not required.


The size of your image must be appropriate to the content and aesthetics of your work.  Be prepared to discuss this and to critique the technical qualities of your print.


The only thing you have to show is your final print on the due date, plus the journal entry below.



Record notes about how to print on the Epson 9000 and any issues you ran into while making the print.  Write any comments about how well it worked or not.