Alternative Digital Printing

Spring 2006


Due Monday, April 24th 


Part I, Process

Your Choice: 

  1. Re-visit one or more processes we covered that you needed more time with.
  2. Re-visit one or more processes we covered that you want to take further
  3. Explore another alternative process that we did not have time to cover.  Examples:  Printing on Fabric using FLAAR machines or Inkaid, under or overprinting with traditional media such as pastel or paints, working with texture.
  4. Any combination of the above.


Part II, Content

You will be held accountable for the content of your work.  By this I mean that you are able to explain during critique what your work is about.  This could span formal concerns, narrative, structural, personal, abstract, political, to name a few.  Think about how your process further adds to what you are saying with your work.  For example, what does seeing wood grain have to do with a image of a building burnt into it?


Part III, Contract, DUE Monday, April 3rd

BREIFLY write out your intentions on paper and turn in a hard copy.  Your contract will have the following sections:


Part I, Process and How many: 

This answers part I above.  Also set a goal for how many you want to finish.

Part II, Content: 

This addresses Part II above.  Tell me what you want to say or explore with your work. 


Final Critique Days

The final critique will span two days, April 24th and 26th.  All work is due the 24th, but I want to take as much time as necessary to talk about everybodyıs work.


After your critique, you will be responsible for displaying your work somewhere in the school.  Write on a piece of paper where your work will be so I can confirm it.  I will also use this opportunity to photograph it.