Assignment 3

Alternative Digital Printing

Spring 2006


Due Monday, February 20th (see note)




Bring Tupperware or Ziploc containers to take medium home with you. 

Purchase thin paper and another experimental paper for clear coating, and colored or black paper for opaque coating.  Bring to class on Wednesday the 08th.





As before, I would also like to see what lead up to the successful works.

The image content is up to you.  As before, do your best to make the images meaningful and work together in some way. I want you to start talking about content and how experiments could fit together as a group of work.


Work Flow

Come to each class prepared to work on images.


We will go over the processes in class on Wednesday, February 08th and Monday February 13th.  You will have enough info to start work after Wednesday. 


February 15th is 100% work time, you will have some work time each day (even demo day), so be prepared to work on your images or print while coats of gesso dry.


ALSO, print early and donıt forget to sign up.


Note on Feb 20th

February 20th is presidentıs day and I will have a number of portfolio reviews to do.  I have not been given a schedule, so I donıt know when they will be.  I still want the assignment due today, but we need to remain flexible about when the critique happens, as I may need to step out.  Just in case, come prepared to work on images for the next project.  We will be making ³skins² to do dry transfers.