Assignment 1

Alternative Digital Printing

Spring 2006



Due Wednesday, January 18th


Prepare an image(s) for wet transfer

Choose a transfer substrate


As you prepare your image, think about what you are transferring to and if need be, make the image to compliment the substrate.


You will have time on Wednesday the 18th to work on your digital file, print, or even transfer.  Be prepared to work on any part of this process, you will all be at different stages.



DUE Wednesday, January 25th


3* (or more if you want) successfully transferred images


I would also like to see what lead up to the successful works.

The three may be the same image done in different ways or three different images that work together.  In any case, do your best to make the images meaningful and work together in some way.


* If you are doing something that is more time consuming (i.e., working back in with traditional media), then this number is flexible.  Check with me.