ARTC 423 Spring 2004

DUE Tuesday, April 20th, 2004


Use your blank journal (no lines) to record all sketches, thoughts, pictures, and paraphernalia associated with your assignments, class lectures, and general art making for this semester.


It is natural (and artistically healthy) that the ideas you have for one class merge with the ideas for others.  At the very least, you will need to record the ideas and sketches associated with each assignment for this class. You will be graded on this minimum and then how you embellish it further.


Delineate the assignments clearly so the top of a page reads:

“Digital Imaging, Assignment XXX, Assignmentname).

The idea is to teach you to start or to continue using journals to develop your ideas.


I encourage you to use your journal throughout the semester to help communicate your artistic intentions to me.



Your Journal