Advanced Imaging, Spring 2004


NOTE:  Come to each class prepared to work on your final.  If you don’t bring your work to class, I will mark you down as unprepared.


Because this is an advanced class and the goal is for you to develop your own voice, style, and direction, I am giving you time to work on your own.  However, working on your own DOES NOT mean doing other things. 


The following are scheduled dates that I will ASSESS (grade) you on your final progress.   The course schedule for the next few weeks of class are also listed below.


March 25 (Th)

April 01 (Th)

April 08 (Th)             

April 13 (T)



1.     Digital copy of you images in the Eber 423 homework folder on Blinn


Images should be tif (.tif extension), flattened, no channels or wet layers, and not more than around 2 MB. 



We will view OBJECTS (not digital projections) unless you make specifications in your contract with reasons why you are choosing digital projection AND I OK it.  Slide projections or installations count as objects.


The Final will take two days, but all work is due on April 27th.  Everyone must attend both critiques, even if you already presented your work.  Absence from a midterm or final critique will lower your grade by one.



March 18 (Th)           

  1. Presentation:  Technique, Photoshop:  (Jim Pringle), Painter (Craig Vorst)
  2. Finish indiv meetings about final contract.
  3. work time


March 23 (T)             

  1. Presentation: output (Jason Perkins) idea (Anita Barnes)
  2. work time


March 25 (Th)

  1. final checkpoint, individual meetings.  YOU MUST HAVE WORK TO SHOW
  2. work time


March 30 (T)             

  1. Presentation:, idea (Nick Karlovich), Brian Raynard (Illustrator)
  2. give Reading.


April 01 (Th) 

  1. final checkpoint, individual meetings.  YOU MUST HAVE WORK TO SHOW
  2. work time


April 06 (T)



April 08 (Th)             

  1. final checkpoint - class critique (the whole class will see your progress)
  2. give essay assignment,


April 13 (T)

  1. Finish final checkpoint critique
  2. Frame Demo


April 15 (Th) 

  1. Reading due (Both parts, a class discussion),
  2. work time


April 20 (T)    Grade Journals/essays

  1. essay due,
  2. Final Journal due,
  3. work time,
  4. Final Feedback


April 22 (Th)

  1. work time


April 27 (T)

  1. FINAL PROJECT DUE, Final crit part A, ROOM 1024
  2. Work saved on server DUE


April 29 (Th)

  1. Roll
  2. Final crit part b, ROOM 1024