ASSIGNMENT 2, Story Telling in Imagery

Advanced Imaging

DUE Tuesday, February 04 2003

Critique #1, February 04, Critique #2, February 06



Use Photoshop, Painter, and various input techniques (digital camera, web, scanning) to make six works that tell a story.  The story does not need to be literal, does not need to be linear, nor does it need to have a beginning, middle, or end, however, it can.


Use this assignment to work with the artistic focus and techniques that you want to develop.



When we think of stories or narratives, we often think of books or some narration that exists over time, for example, movies, videos, or film.  Consider a story contained in one single frame?  What does time have to do with this kind of story, is time infinite?  What about a story over three images, must there be an order?  Must it be literal?  What is a story?  What are some of the differences between a story told over time, like animation or an interactive work, and a story told in an image?  What are some of the challenges?  How can you use color, shape, form, texture, and character lines to tell a story?


Think of these questions when you make this body of work.



Library:  Look up Duane Michaels and see his serial work. 

Library and maybe online:  See Edward Hopper for a narrative in one image

Online:  Look up Anna Ulrich for digital work that shows a narrative in one image

Online:  Look up Kyle Riedel on the siggraph 2001 N-Space art gallery page for digital work that shows a narrative in one image and click on the art gallery link and choose different annual shows



In your journal, write the following:

1.     Idea and story behind your work.

2.     Address some of the questions I presented above.



1.     Photocopy of your NEAT and READABLE journal entry

2.     Six images in digital TIFF format, 1MB or less

3.   Make a folder with your lasts name on on Blinn (mac Blinn) in the homework->eber->artc423->assignment 2 folder