Advanced Imaging

Your Work (1a) DUE Tuesday. January 21

Write-up (1b) DUE Thursday January 23



Bring examples of your art to class that best illustrates your current focus or direction.  You may bring a CD or ZIP disk with images, prints, or other media, but work must be ready for display on January 21st.   Each student will present his or her work to the class with the intention of expanding your current vision or finding a new one.  Only bring a few works, no more than can be covered in 5-10 minutes.  This will not be a formal critique, rather it will be a way for you to show the class and myself where you are and hopefully aid in your focus.



After reviewing your work, TYPE a short (1-2 pages) write-up that contains the following:

1) Your current artistic and technical focus and how that applies to imaging.

2) At least two artists whose work you identify with on some level.  These artists can inspire you artistically, conceptually, technically, or any other way you can think of.  See and click on the Art Gallery N-Space link for this year's exhibition.  To see other exhibitions, go to and click on the art and design link.  You may also look at Dena's SIGGRAPH 2001 catalogue

BONUS:  Include pictures from the artists you refer to.