Take Home Questions

ARTC 321

Due Tuesday,  April 15th  


Answer each question using whatever resources you need, including me.  I encourage you to talk to each other to gain whatever insight you can.  Answers must be typed, include the question, and hand in to me on paper ON TIME.  A digital version of this exam is online.  Each question is worth 8.5 points.


1) After *at least* two digital art classes, you should have a good idea of what you do best in digital art.  What is it and why?


2)  Is digital art a true “art form?”  Why or why not?  Back up your answer.


3) How do you feel about using filters in Photoshop or Painter?  Do you see cliché when you can recognize them?


4)  What format must you save a painter image in if you want to maintain layers?


5)  In Painter, explain how you create and use a mask.


6)  What is the original in digital art?  Choose a form of digital art and back up your response.


7)  In Painter, explain the difference between a layer and a shape


8) When working with Photoshop, what will happen to your file size in Megabytes and in inches if you increase the resolution after you make (or scan) the image if you

A) constrain the file size (or don’t re-sample)

B) do not constrain (or re-sample) the file size

(Hint, see “image size” dialogue box)


9)  What happens when an application re-samples or interpolates? (Hint, see “image size” dialogue box)


10) Why is the notion of “resolution” often an ambiguous or misleading idea?  To answer this, explain different kinds of resolution.


11)  Explain the differences between RGB and CMYK color space.


12)  Explain any two of the printers at FLARR or our Epson 9000 and what they are best at.  In addition, mention two paper choices.