Intermediate Digitalr Imaging

ARTC 321, Spring 2003

Tuesday, Thursday 11:30 am-1:45 PM


Dr. Dena Elisabeth Eber       

Phone:  372-8526                                                          Office: 123


Office Hours: 2:00-3:30 Tuesday, Thursday



In ARTC 312 you will learn to use the computer as an art tool.  The art is the emphasis and the tools (the computer, peripherals, and software) are secondary.  In order to make the art, however, command of the software is necessary. I assume all students have an intermediate level of technical experience (MAC, NT, software, hardware) and artistic maturity that this course will build on.


Students will be encouraged to find and present new ideas connected with the tools (techniques), formal composition, content, readings, and ideas connected with art or computer art.



Subject to changes, additions, and subtractions.


The primary goals of this class are to find your artistic voice and to facilitate the process of creativity with the digital imaging medium.  You will do this while learning the following concepts:

* 2 D Paint Programs

* Image manipulation

* Input techniques:  scanning, video capture, digital cameras, Web

* Output techniques:  Low end ink jet, various paper surfaces, film recording, screen display, alternative displays, High end ink jet

* Misc. topics, time permitting


With these methods as background, the primary focus of the course will be on ideas.  We will cover the following areas:

* Texture and attention to the print

* Composition

* Digital art and digital imaging theory and history

* Individual expression and creativity


You will also have various reading and writing assignments that will help you find your voice, facilitate your creative process, and help with the content of your art.



Blank journal                                                                                                   Due 1/21

Folder for handouts                                                                                           Due 1/21

Secondary back up (Zip or CDs)                                                                          Due 1/21

Money for prints

In lab prints                    Epson 3000                                                     Bursar

FLAAR                         see handout                                                      Bursar

Slides                            $2.00                                                             Due April

Epson 9000                    $5.00/sq foot                                                   Bursar


You will be graded on an equal balance of the following:


Class participation (asking questions, participation in discussions, making comments, participation in group projects, participating in critiques)

Minor assignments

Midterm (X2)

Final (X 3)

Take home


Misc. Projects (my discretion, totaled to equal one grade)                         



Up to 24 hours late is one half letter grade down, 24 to 48 hours is lowered one letter grade, and 48 to 72 is lowered two letter grades.  No late assignments accepted after three days, you will receive an “F” for that project.



absences       Only 3 excused absences allowed, no unexcused absences permitted.  Your final grade will go down one half a letter for the first time you exceed this.  It will go down a whole letter grade for subsequent absences. 


Late            Three late = one unexcused absence.  Role is taken at the beginning of class, it is your responsibility to make sure I mark you present if you wander in late.  This must be done during the class period.


Leaving       Leaving class early without clearing it with me = absent.



Critiques      Attendance at Midterm and Final critiques is mandatory.  Unexcused absence from either will lower your grade by one.



You are accountable for material covered in class, including handouts.  IF ANYTHING IS NOT CLEAR, ASK!  It is your responsibility to get missed material.  I will happily clarify items you do not understand, but I will not repeat demonstrations for absentee's. 



Spalter, Anne Morgan.  (1999).  The Computer in the Visual Arts.  Reading, MA:  Addison-Wesley.

ALSO, see my web page for further recommendations


VERY ROUGH TECHNICAL CALENDAR (subject to major change)

More Readings and Essays will be due throughout the semester


Jan 14 (T)        Intro, syllabus, fill out info form on-line (art/info), SIGGRAPH slides, give Ex 1 (SIGGRAPH), reading #1, Dan  Eldon, monitor meeting, ask about book

Jan 16 (TH)     MAC Desktop, Painter 1a, Collaboration exercise and Brainstorm, give Ex.. 2 (group painter with exquisite corpse)

Jan 21 (T)        Journal folder and disk due, asgn1 due, Review Painter 1a, Painter 1b, do Exquisite Corpse exercise, Work time

Jan 23 (TH)     reading 1 due, work time

Jan 28 (T)        Ex 2 due, informal crit, painter 2a, give Ex 3(indiv. Storytelling Painter)

Jan 30 (TH)     Painter 2b, Work time EX3

Feb 04 (T)       Painter review and 2c, class painter, work time, give reading 2

Feb 06 (TH)    Ex 3 due, informal crit, PS paint intro, give Ex 4/5 (scanner art, altered reality, digital camera), give reading 3 (ethics, image acquisition)

Feb 11 (T)       Reading 2 due, discussion, START: scan, digital camera, WEB, scan film

Feb 13 (TH)    Painter and photos, finish scan

Feb 18 (T)       PS and photos, digital camera


Feb 25 (T)       EX 4/5 Due, informal crit, give midterm,

Feb 27 (TH)   Work time (reading, midterm), (maybe no class)

Mar 04 (T)      reading 3 due,Printing lecture, give Ex 6 (print) give reading 4 (In 2 parts),

Mar 06 (TH)   Indiv meetings for midterm, work time

Mar 11 (T)      NO CLASS, BREAK


Mar 18 (T)      ex 6 due, print crit, work time, indiv meetings,work on midterm

Mar 20 (TH)   work time,

Mar 25 (T)      Midterm due, crit #1, give final

Mar 27 (TH)   Midterm (Crit 2),

Apr 01 (T)       reading 4, part I due, Final Direction Due, more on printing,

Apr 03 (TH)    Frame demo, Film Record (ex 7), Give ex 7, Give reading 5, Give take home,

Apr 08 (T)       reading 4, part II due, give essay assignment, work time (art, take home)

Apr 10 (TH)    Ex 7 (film) due, reading 5 due (discussion)

Apr 15 (T)       take home due

Apr 17 (TH)  work time, no class

Apr 22 (T)       Work Time, essay due,

Apr 24 (TH)  work time (maybe no class)

Apr 29 (T)       FINAL PROJECT DUE, Final crit part A

May 02 (TH)   Final crit part b