ART 321

Due Tuesday, April 22nd



Digital prints are often referred to as paintings or photographs, even by some of you in the class!! We know that these works are in fact not paintings or photographs, but something else.....or are they paintings?

After working with digital paint for at least half of the semester (some of you longer), compare digital painting to oil painting. Include differences in:

1) your creative process

2) your abilities

3) motor and cognitive differences

4) which you prefer and why

5) any other comparisons you can think of.

Do not feel constrained by the word "essay." Your writing can be free form and should be fun to do. I will not count off for grammar, but try to sound educated.


A good response will address the comparisons I listed above (in prose form) as well as new ones you think of. It will also show some kind of thought behind your ideas.