ART392, Spring 2001

2 Prepared Files for slides, Lazertran transfer, DUE Tuesday, April 15


PART I, Slides

To prepare slides:


1)         Flatten image and remove any extra channels OR drop all painter layers

2)         Make sure image is no bigger than 5 MB, no smaller than 2 MB

3)         Give yourself some “white space” around your image so the mount won’t cut it off

In Photoshop:  Image-> Canvas Size.  Give your image another .4 inches in both dimensions


4)         Save image in tiff format, DO NOT LZW COMPRESS!!!

5)         Save image as:             lastname1.tiff



6)         Save images in the Slide folder on MAC Blinn (Eber->ARTC321-> slides->YOURNAME) In it, put both images


I will send slides to IMS for imaging.




PART II, Lazertran


Use a sheet of Laztertran paper, either for the color copy machine or for the inkjet printer, and transfer it on to an alternative surface.  You may use any technique that we covered in class or any others that you find at the website.  All techniques are online:


Use any image and any surface, but be able to talk about

1)    The technique you tried.

2)    Why you chose the surface for that image


Turn in:

Typed sheet of paper that answers the above two  questions.