ARTC 321

4 Images, Due Tuesday, February 06


4 IMAGES                

First, practice the Painter tools that I mentioned in class.  Review and understand the art materials palate, funky things under the effects menu, selections (lasso, magic wand, marquee), how to use those selections with the effects menu, how to float selections, make patterns, use cloners, use tracing paper, how to make shapes (pen, shape tools, text) and manipulate shapes (change size, fill, outline, opacity), and convert shapes to selections and layers.  Try to find and play with other tools as well.


Make 4 images on your own that are a narrative.  The work does not have to be a linear story with a beginning, middle, and end.  Think about how color and line can set a mood, then use formal aesthetics and imagery to tell a story.  Also notice how one still image can be a story itself.  What are the differences between a story told with a still image and a story told with time based media?  Consider this in your journal response.


Call on your group members for content and technical help.


For examples, see


Anna Ullrich


Do an online search on Edward Hopper (painter)


Look up Duane Michaels (photographer)



1) Sketch and describe your work.  Talk about any ideas/story behind it. 

2) Write about the concept of story in still imagery.


TURN IN:                 

1)  Copy of journal entry.  Put your name on your journal.

2)    Make a folder with your name on it in the Assignment #3 folder on MAC Blinn (Eber->ARTC321-> Assignment 3->YOURNAME) In it, put all images


     All images which must be 1mb or smaller  and saved in the tiff format.