ARTC 321, Spring 2003

4 Images, Due Thursday 1/28/03


4 IMAGES:   

With your partners, use the Painter tools to create five images that are connected in some way.  This is one of the hard parts, explain the connection.


NOTE:  No sunsets, rainbows, robots, space ships, cliché landscapes, or abstraction because you didn’t know what else to do


You will collaborate in the following ways:

1)  Make one image that is a collaboration based on the exquisite corpse idea that we covered in class.  It does not need to be a body, but can be any kind of imagery.  This image will be called EC groupnumber(12,3, etc. for group number)


2)  Make one image that follows the model we did in class where all group members are present at once and each member of the group adds their input to the imagery, in turn.  This image will be called ALL1(2,3,etc)


3)  Make two images in the collaboration method of your choice.  Try to think of something new here.  This image will be called Ours1a and Ours 1b (or Ours 2a and Ours 2b, etc.)


4)  Make one of your own images that is a response to this process.  This image will be called name for your last name.


The works cannot contain any scanned or acquired imagery.  Try to focus on the basic tools I covered in class, there is a lot you can do with the variety of brushes.




In your journal,

1) Sketch and describe your group project.    Make sure you explain the connection between the images.

2) Explain your method of collaboration for the “Ours” images

3) Make any comments about working in groups


TURN IN:      

1)  Copy of journal entry.  Put your name and group number on journal.

2)  Make a group folder in the Assignment #2 folder on MAC Blinn (Eber->ARTC321-> Assignment 2->GROUP #) In it, put all group and individual images.


    All images which must be 1mb or smaller  and saved in the tiff format.



You will be graded on following directions, quality of imagery, unique approaches, complete assignments (including journal), and strong artistic ideas.



The nature of Painter is to explore, so I do not expect mastery of all tools.  However, I do expect a healthy level of experimentation and creative thought.



To learn how to use Painter as part of your computer art palette, to learn to collaborate, and continue to grow artistically with the computer.  Above all, to ENJOY YOURSELF!