ART 321 Spring 2003

DUE Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Reading #1 due, DUE Tuesday, January, 28 2003


View digital images in Photography after Photography (Amelunxen) on reserve in the library and works online from the SIGGRAPH annual art galleries (

After reviewing the work, choose two to three artists based on:

            1) Whose work you feel has some kind of similarity with yours.

            2) Whose work shows an idea you want to explore.

            3) Whose work you connected with on some other level. 


While reviewing the work, read the short artist statements that go with each piece.  Once you have chosen the two to three artists or works, read the statements in detail. 


You will get bonus points for choosing an artist from the Photography after Photography book.  Please note this in your write-up


Then, TYPE the following:


1) List the two to three artists and describe why you chose them (see 1-3 above). (hint, it is not enough to just say “I liked the work”)

2)  Summarize what else you learned about the work after reading the artists’ statements.

3)  If you have not already done so, describe some idea from these artists that you want to try this semester with your work for ARTC 321.


Reading #1 from “The Computer in the Visual Arts”


1.1  Introduction

1.2  Landmarks in Computer Technology

2.3  Anatomy of a Painting...

2.4  Local Touch

2.5  Global Touch


Come to class prepared to answer questions or present summaries of a section.