1)    Group  decides on the goal (a body, landscape, unknow, something else)

2)    First person makes a file W=750 PIXELS, H = 215 PIXELS, 72 DPI (750X160 if you have 4 people in your group).  Save file as  First person creates her or his part of the exquisite corpse

3)    First person saves

4)    First person makes new file, W=750 PIXELS, H = 215 PIXELS, 72 DPI. Save file as  She or he puts the bottom W=750 PIXELS, H = 15 in the top of the new file (

a.     select a 15X 750 pixel slice of first image using marquee selection tools.  Not marquee size in the controls box.

b.     Copy the selection( edit->copy)

c.     Click on new file and edit->paste.

d.     Move  slice to the top of the file

e.     Save file and give it to group member #2.

f.      And so on

g.     After all sections of the image are done, the group will get together and put the parts of the file together to make one whole.

a.     make a new file 750 wide by 645 high (640 if your group has 4)

b.     paste each section, in turn, into the new file.  Make sure you overlap the W=750 PIXELS, H = 15 section that the previous person gave you.

c.     Under the Layers bar in the objects palette, choose “drop all” to merge layers.

d.     Save file in tif format as EC1.tif (2, 3, etc for group number) and turn in to the homework folder as explained on assignment sheet.