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Printing in MCaP (room 1026)

You will eventually learn to print on the 4880, but most of your prints will be uploaded and printed in the School of Art Print lab. MCaP in room 1026. You will be required to pay for your prints and to use the dropbox system online.

Uploading files to print lab drop box

Media Cage and Print lab (MCaP) (room 1026) hours and home page URL



Assignment 1: Non-Digital Manipulation: The Basics of Photographic Language

Create 6 images, 4 prints, backup storage with file structure covered in class and one contact sheet

In this assignment you will review the basic elements of photography by manipulating your images in-camera only (well, mostly).

Reading 1
Light and Lens: Photography and the Digital Age , Robert Hirsch, Focal Press, 2008.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
Pp 77-81 (Start with The Lens System and Stop after Angle of View.
Pp 87 - 90 (start with the section on Shutter and stop BEFORE the section on Digital Camera Features).

The Elements of Photography , A. Belt, Focal Press, 2008.
Page 6-14 on framing

The Fundamentals of Creative Photography , D. Prakel, Ava Books, 2010.
Pages 22-25 DOF and shutter speed

“What Matters Now? Photography, Technology and the World” , in Aperture, #210, Spring 2013, pp14 – 15.

Assignment Details

Assigned Monday, Aug 25 - Class 1

Images and FINAL contact sheet (digital) in folder Due Monday, Sept 12
Prints Due Monday, Monday, Sep 19
Reading Due Wednesday Aug 24
Contact sheets Due for checkoff, Wednesday, Aug 31 (or sooner if you have images) and one with the final images, Sep 12
Backup Storage with File Structure Due Wednesday, Sep 7

Assignment 2 - Fauxtography and Fabrication using High End Digital

Create 5-8images, four prints, and one contact sheet
In this assignment you will use advanced cameras and digital manipulation (if you want) to make a body of work that is a fabrication and plays with the idea of photographic truth.

Reading/Audio 2
Light and Lens: Photography and the Digital Age , Robert Hirsch, Focal Press, 2008.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
pp 70-76, 85-87, 90-98

Listen to and view posted pictures:
"Faking it before Photoshop" , NPR, 2013.
"Haunting Images Chronicle 165 Years Of A World At War" , NPR, 2013.

The following reading will help you with this assignment, but due to time issues, we will not discuss it until the next assignment.
The Reconfigured Eye, Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era,
William J. Mitchell, MIT Press, 1992.
Chapter 3 - Intention and Artifice
pages 1-10 (read up to "Coherence") on the PDF document (Note, this does not coorespond to the pages printed on the page, but to the page number in your PDF reader)

Assignment Details

Assigned September 14

Images Due Oct 3
Contact sheets Due Sept 21
Prints Due Oct 5
Reading Due
* Light and Lens reading Due Sep 26
* "Two audio stories (Faking it and War photos)", Due, Sep 26

Assignment 3 - HDR and visual stories

Create 5-8 images, four prints (Made at MCaP), and contact sheets (one final and variable in process)
In this assignment you will learn about High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging and apply it, along with digital manipulation (if you want) to tell a visual story.

Reading 3
The Reconfigured Eye, Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era , William J. Mitchell, MIT Press, 1992.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
Chapter 3 - Intention and Artifice
Specific pages, TBA

"In the digital age, the family photo album fades away" , NPR, 2013.

Assignment Details

Assigned Oct 3

Images Due Oct 24
Contact sheets Due Oct 17
Prints Due Oct 31
Reading Due
* Wm Mitchell Reading, Optional
* In the digital age, the family photo album fades away Reading, Due Oct 17

Assignment Four: The snapshot aesthetic, big data and mobile media

Create 8 or more images, four prints (you print at least one) and contact sheets
In this assignment you will use the camera on an iPad, cell phone or other mobile device to create a body of work using the snapshot aesthetic. The aesthetic will be informed by tradition but framed by the concept of big data and contemporary image consumption. We will put that aesthetic into practice by using an online photo challenge and found apps discovered by us!! :-)

Assignment Details

Assigned Oct 24

Images Due Nov 9
Contact sheet Due Nov 2
In Progress Checkin Nov 2
In class exercise bring mobile devices Oct 31
Prints Due Monday, Nov 16

Readings/Audio Due Nov 7
“Observing by watching: Joachim Schmid and the art of exchange” , in Aperture, #210, Spring 2013, pp46-49.

Robert E Jackson interview, NPR, 2013

Overcoming Familiarity; Hidden Treasures in Plain Sight, in David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone, D. H. Kennerly, Goff Books, 2014.

BBC picture Challenge (We set the theme; you take the pictures)

BBC Picture Challenge

NPR Picture Show Challenge

See the links below and read about the "Picture Show" Instagram Challenge
This has now moved to the NPR picture show site on Flickr

NPR Picture Show

Examples of other challenges

Public Square picture show (portraits)
Public Workers


see results at:
Results of the instagram challenge

Final: Your Artistic Voice

Create and print 8 images (or more) that have a related theme and aesthetic.

Assignment Details

Assigned Nov 14

8 or more Images Due in class folder Monday, Dec 5
Final Contracts Due Monday, November 16
Formal GRADED progress Check-in Nov 28
All images as prints, professionally presented + Optional Revisions due at final, Dec 14 (3:30-5:30)

NOTE: Final critiques will be on December 5 and 7. The Final time slot, December 14 (3:30-5:30) is a mandatory critique for prints and optional revisions. All must attend.