Due Dates

Images Due Nov 9
Contact sheet Due Nov 2
App sharing and In Progress Checkin - this includes finishing the "challenges" Nov 2
In class exercise bring mobile devices Oct 31
Prints Due Nov 16

Readings/Audio Due Nov 7

“Observing by watching: Joachim Schmid and the art of exchange” , in Aperture, #210, Spring 2013, pp46-49.

Robert E Jackson interview, NPR, 2013

Overcoming Familiarity; Hidden Treasures in Plain Sight, in David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone, D. H. Kennerly, Goff Books, 2014.


Create 8 (+ four picture Challenges) or more images, four prints (you print at least one), and one contact sheet
In this assignment you will use the camera on an iPad, cell phone or other mobile device to create a body of work using the snapshot aesthetic. The aesthetic will be informed by tradition but framed by the concept of big data and contemporary image consumption. We will put that aesthetic into practice by using our own Instargram challenge, the BBC picture challenge and found apps discovered by you :-)


To become aware of how image consumption has changed with the advent of mobile device cameras that have internet access.
To become aware of the massive amounts of images that are stored and accessed (Big Data).
To grasp the nature of image making with mobile devices, including apps for mobile editing.
To explore the genre of snapshot photographs as a fine art.
To continue the process of understanding good digital prints.
To analyze and make artistic comments on the power of low end photography.


Use the camera on an iPad, cell phone, or orther mobile device to capture the rich aspects of every day life through snapshots. Do this by giving importance to what you photograph and how you frame, light, or otherwise manipulate the image.

As part of the assignment, you will do two ARTC 4250 Instagram challenges (one in class) and post them and two BBC picture challenges. This will help you gain an understanding of one new way that we consume pictures.

Examples of this sort of challenge:

BBC picture Challenge (We set the theme; you take the pictures)
Note: You are required to do the Oct 25 and Nov 1 challenge
You are required to post the November 1 challenge
Shadows: 25 October
Monuments: 1 November

BBC Picture Challenge

NPR Picture Show Challenge

See the links below and read about the "Picture Show" Instagram Challenge
This has now moved to the NPR picture show site on Flickr

NPR Picture Show

Instagram Challenge
Public Square picture show (portraits)
Public Workers


see results at:
Results of the instagram challenge

Consider how many Americans more often than not have their cell phones or other mobile devices with them. Included on these devices is a camera and internet access. In the past, most Americans didn't ALWAYS carry a camera, but now they have "connected" cameras on them most of the time, which differs from just 5 years ago. Think about how this has changed image consumption and the documentation of every day life, from highly political events (recent riots and government responses) to socially networked commentary on the personally mundane. Think too about the simalarites and differences between plastic cameras of the past (the old snapshot tool) and mobile device cameras of today.

Finally, reflect on the snapshot aesthetic and make informed and artistic renditions of every day life (the mundane) with your mobile "connected" camera. Borrow from the snapshot aesthetic and consider ways to make your camera reveal the richness of "normal."

For this assignment

You will first take the ARTC 4250 Instagram challenge and post the result (done in class). After that, Dr. Eber will post one more ARTC 4250 Instagram Challenge over the next week. You will also complete the BBC picture challenge due on November 1 and the one due on Oct 25. You do not have to post the one due on October 25th, but if you can I would like you to try. From this warm-up you will either continue with one of the Instagram or BBC themes or make pictures that you feel explore this new state of mobile image consumption. To do this, you can investigate the mundane, big data, social networking and the associated images or any other thing that you feel defines mobile image consumption. You may use works that you created during the challenges in your final body of work.

Use the snapshot aesthetic to inform all of your images

Side note on manipulation:
Consider that image manipulation is minimal on mobile devices, but it is out there and I encourage you to explore. Even with these apps, the end result is still closer to "snap and post." If you choose, you may manipulate your images, but I encourage you to use these apps with the understanding that they are a supplement. A bad photo is a bad photo no matter what you do to it. We can investigate some of the available apps in class.

Here are some to try:

Pic Tap Go: Interesting filters that allow to to determine how much of the effect you want. I use this when my photos are too dark.

Camera Timer: Allows you to set a timer on your phone camera. This way you can take a selfie without having to use the bad reverse camera.
It also allows you to take a number of photos spaced apart by an amount of time that you specify (seconds, hours or minutes).

Camera Roll Edit function on iPhone (iPad): Minimal filters, but I usually use this one for cropping.

Instagram Edit Function: Minimal filters, cropping and interesting blur function. You have to share it when you are done.

Review the artists covered in class:

David Hume Kennerly
(See the pictures in the assigned reading)
Overcoming Familiarity; Hidden Treasures in Plain Sight, in David Hume Kennerly on the iPhone, D. H. Kennerly, Goff Books, 2014.

Gary Winogrand

Dianne Arbus

More Dianne Arbus

Bruce Davidson

Harry Callahan

More Harry Callahan

Tina Barney

More Tina Barney

More Tina Barney

Nicholas Nixon
Note: he uses a large format camera and these are not snapshopts, BUT, they look like snapshots. Note the Brown sisters series.

American Snapshots from the Robert E. Jackson Collection

More American Snapshots from the Robert E. Jackson Collection

Even more American Snapshots from the Robert E. Jackson Collection


You will create a contact sheet from the images that you shot for this assignment that I will review on the posted date.

Make this a cohesive body of work consisting of eight or more images (plus 4 picture challenges) that go together in some way.

Print your four best images using the MCaP. One (or more) must printed by you.

Submission Requirements

Create a folder with your last name on it in the Assignment 4 folder:
Classes->ARTC425->Assignment 4-> Your Name

Put your in process contact sheet and the FINAL contact sheet (the sheet with your final images) in this folder.

Put all eight (+ 4 picture Challenges) images in this folder. Make the labling clear.
Images should be 5MB or smaller (turn-in version only) and saved as jpeg.

Bring prints to class on Nov 16.


You will be graded on your ability to complete all parts of the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

See the assignments Canas to see how this assignment is weighted.

Please note

Ask any questions in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the assignment.