Before printing, make sure you know the exact size of your paper.

If you are printing with Silkjet, make sure you have taped the edges of the film to the buffer paper.


Loading the paper:

  1. Push the release paper lever back
  2. Orient the paper vertically
  3. Use the manual feed slot
  4. Set feed on manual, not roll
  5. Slide the Silkjet in with the corner tip going in first so you can carefully work the paper into the printer.  Then straighten the paper out once it is fed through.
  6. Move the bottom edge of the paper just over the vacuum line (see picture below) then push the release lever to the secure position.

  1. Check that the paper setting is still on manual and not roll.  If need be, switch back to manual


Sending the file to the printer

1.     Login Mac computer near the front desk

2.     Open your file in Photoshop

3.     Choose file->print and you will get the following dialog box:


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:deber:Desktop:10_22_13:*print:steps:1.png

4.     Set up color management as it is displayed above: 

Š      Photoshop manages color

Š      Profile = Pro4880 PLPP260

5.     Set up rendering for Relative Colorimetric

6.     Check black point compensation

7.     Click “print settings” to get the following box:

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:deber:Desktop:10_22_13:*print:steps:2.png


8.     Choose papersize and  scroll down to “manage custom size” (see below). 




9.     Type in the physical size of your paper, not the size of your image.  Make sure to title it so you see the name next to “paper size.”  In the example, I called mine “today.”

10. Next click on the pop-up menu that has “layout” as the default.  Scroll down to choose “printer settings”






11. For page set-up choose “sheet” and “manual feed.”




12. For medium type choose “Premium Luster Photo Paper (260) and output resolution at SuperPhoto and Finest Detail




13. Back at the initial “print dialog box, you are ready to print.

14. Click the print button and wait a moment.

15. Your print should be printing.  If not, then you could have forgotten to set sheet paper in the dialogue box or on the printer.  Also check to see if your sheet might be jammed.