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Class 1 - Monday, Aug 25

Monitor meeting at 5:00pm, Tuesday Aug 26th in room 246 Wolfe Center (PC lab).
Survey Student experience
Fill out MCaP form
Check logins and accounts
Introduction and syllabus

Give and go over assignment number one

Assignment Assignment 1 - Non-Digital Manipulation: The Basics of Photographic Language
Images due Monday, Monday, Sep 15 (other due dates, see assignment)

Light and Lens: Photography and the Digital Age , Robert Hirsch, Focal Press, 2008.
Adobe Acrobat .pdf format
Pp 77-81 (Start with The Lens System and Stop after Angle of View.
Pp 87 - 90 (start with the section on Shutter and stop BEFORE the section on Digital Camera Features).

The Elements of Photography , A. Belt, Focal Press, 2008.
Page 6-14 on framing

The Fundamentals of Creative Photography , D. Prakel, Ava Books, 2010.
Pages 22-25 DOF and shutter speed

“What Matters Now? Photography, Technology and the World” , in Aperture, #210, Spring 2013, pp14 – 15.

OPTIONAL: If you own a DSLR, bring your camera to class on Wed. We will go over the Rebels, but you might want to compare yours.

Class 2 - Wednesday, Aug 27

Lecture Demo cameras from MCaP - Rebels
Update Questions about assignment one
Class Discussion Go over reading one
Image upload if needed
Work on assignment 1 (if time)


Monday, September 1

School closed, Labor Day

Class 3 - Wednesday, Sep 3

Dr. Hershberger on Photo History, part I (12:45-1:25) - We will go to 1101 FA for this lecture

Lecture Bridge, contact sheets and organizing/backing up work
Work on Assignment one

Class 4 - Monday, Sep 8

Dr. Hershberger on Photo History, part II (12:45-1:25) - We will go to 1101 FA for this lecture

DEMO Basic photo functions in Photoshop
DUE Contact sheets. Have available for review and checkoff.
Work time assignment 1
Bring back-up storage on Wednesday the 10th

Class 5 - Wednesday, Sep 10

Printing specs in MCaP
Collect back-up storage for proof of organization and backup (mark off in class)
Work time assignment 1

Class 6 - Monday, Sep 15

DUE Assignment One, critique See assignment page for specifics about where to put your images.
Bring prints to class on the 22

Class 7 - Wednesday, Sep 17

Finish crit from last time
Give assignment 2, Fauxtography and Fabrication using High End Digital cameras
Give reading 2

Class 8 - Monday, Sep 22

DUE Prints for Assignment One, short critique
REVIEW assignment 2 (Questions?)
Camera raw and bridge
High Res images
Details or the EOS cameras if needed and cameras in ARC
work time (if time)

Class 9 - Wednesday, Sep 24

DUE reading 2, Discuss
Basic digital from Light and Lens (70-76, 85-87, 90-98)
Graded on participation
Sharpening in Raw
Contact sheets due for review
Work time, assignment 2

Class 10 - Monday, Sep 29

DUE Two audio stories (Faking it and War photos), discussion
Graded on participation
Work time, assignment 2


Class 11 - Wednesday, Oct 1

DUE Assigment 2, Citique

Class 12 - Monday, Oct 6

Dr. Eber at Senior Studio Midterm Defense
Sub Teacher
Finish Ass 2 crit
Give Assignment 3, HDR and Story Telling
Assign wm Mitchell reading

Class 13 - Wednesday, Oct 8

Due: Prints from Assignment 2, short critique.

Demo: making your own prints (?? Maybe)

Questions RE assignment 3
Demo: Basic info about HDR so students can begin shooting over the weekend

Class 14 - Monday, Oct 13

Lecture HDR as needed to bring students up to speed

Random checkins. Students need to show progress towards final work

Work time, Assignment 3

Class 15 - Wednesday, Oct 15

DUE “Family photo album fades away"
Discussion “Family photo album fades away"
DUE contact sheets
Review contact sheets while others work on assignment 3
Work time, Assignment 3

Class 16 - Monday, Oct 20

Review contact sheets (if needed)
Work time, Assignment 3

Class 17 - Wednesday, Oct 22

Assigment 3 Citique

Class 18 - Monday, Oct 27

Finish Critique, Assignment 3
Give Assignment 4
Give examples and discus (instagram challenge and Robert E Jackson interview)

Class 19 - Wednesday, Oct 29

DUE Prints for Assignment 3, short crit
Review Assignment 4 and Robert Jackson interview, if needed
Mobile Media In Class Exercise (come prepared)
If time, Work on Assignment 4


Class 20 - Monday, Nov 3

DUE Contact sheets due for review
Work time, assignment 4

Class 21 - Wednesday, Nov 5

DUE Reading 4
Discussion Readings/audio for Assignment 4
You will be graded on participation
Making your own prints in the McAP
Finish Contact sheet review (if time)
Work time, Assignment 4

Class 22 - Monday, Nov 10

Due, ass 4, crit I

Tuesday, Nov 11
NO SCHOOL, Veterans Day

Class 23 - Wednesday, Nov 12

Finish Assignment 4 Critique

Give Final and discuss

Class 24 - Monday, Nov 17

DUE: Assignment 4 prints
Critique for prints.
Due Final Contracts
Student meetings about Final Contract
Come to class prepared to work on final
Work Time, Final

Class 25 - Wednesday, Nov 19

Student meetings about Final Contract
Come to class prepared to work on final
Work Time, Final

Class 26 - Monday, Nov 24

Progress Check-in
Graded check-in for those who are ready
Work time, Final

Wednesday, Nov 26
Thanksgiving Break


Class 27 - Monday, Dec 1

If needed, Presentation (framing, etc) Demo
Formal GRADED Progress Check-in
Work time final

Class 28 - Wednesday, Dec 4

Work time, Final

Class 29 - Monday, Dec 9

critique Final Project Due - Critique Part I

Class 30 - Wednesday, Dec 10

critique Final Project Citique Part II

FINAL Monday, December 15, 10:45-12:45

critique Final Critique III, prints, professionally displayed + optional revisions
Attendance is required.

Please note

This Schedule is subject to change during the course and the instructor will notify students of changes.