Due Dates

TYPED proposal in hard copy form Due Monday, Nov 17th
Formal GRADED progress Check-in Dec 1
8 or more Images and final contact sheet Due in class folder Dec 8
All images as Prints - Formally presented (minimum 6)- Due December 15

NOTE: Final critiques will be on December 8 and 10. The Final time slot, December 15 is a mandatory critique for prints and optional revisions. All must attend.


Create a final project proposal that is typed and in hard copy form.
Be prepared for a progress check-in.
Create and print 8 or more images that have a related theme and aesthetic.
Present work professionally (all work matted) with one of the works framed. We will cover formal presentation techniques in class.


To further understand and create images that are cohesive both thematically and aesthetically.
To continue to develop your artistic style and your overall thematic approach in digital photography.


In this assignment you will use the camera of your choice and any level of digital manipulation (none to over the top) to create a series of images that together express an idea or theme and that have a consistent formal quality. In other words, the works read in content and aesthetics as if they belong together and each image strengthens an underlying idea.

You have a two choices for content:

1) Create works that are a continuation of a successful body of work from a prior assignment.
2) Start a new idea that you wish to expand on.

Hopefully, the work you do for this final will give you fodder to continue your artistic investigation after this semester is over.

Write a proposal for your final project that will contain the following:
1) The idea or theme your work will address.
2) The formal approach you will take. For example, will you go for a blurry look? Will you manipulate your work?
3) What camera will you use?
4) How does your answer to #2 and #3 above support your content.
5) Optional: Will your printing or display be anything out of the ordinary?


Be prepared for a formal check-in on Dec 1. Your progress will be reflected in your final project grade.


You will create a final contact sheet of final the images and save it in your class folder (Final), along with your 8 or more images. Images that you turn in should be 5MB or smaller.

This body of work must be cohesive and contain at least eight images that go together in some way.

You are required to print all of the works for the critique on the final day.

All prints should be at least matted and one should be framed. We will go over presentation details in class.

Submission Requirements

Create a folder with your last name on it in the Assignment 4 folder:
Classes->ARTC4250->Final-> Your Name

Put your contact sheet in this folder.

Put all eight or more images in this folder.
Images you turn in should be 5MB or smaller and be in jpeg format.

Bring prints to the final critique on Dec 19th (professionally matted and one framed).


You will be graded on your ability to complete all parts of the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

See the "Syllabus" section of the canvas shell to see how this assignment is weighted.

Please note

Ask any questions in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the assignment.