Before printing, make sure you know the exact size of your paper.

If you are printing with Silkjet, make sure you have taped the edges of the film to the buffer paper.


Loading the paper:

1.     Push the release paper lever back

2.     Orient the paper vertically

3.     Use the manual feed slot

4.     Set feed on sheet, not roll

5.     Slide the Silkjet in with the corner tip going in first so you can carefully work the paper into the printer.  Then straighten the paper out once it is fed through.

6.     Move the bottom edge of the paper just over the vacuum line (see picture below) then push the release lever to the secure position.



7.     Check that the paper setting is still on sheet and not roll.  If need be, switch back to manual


Sending the file to the printer

1.     Login to the Dell or Mac computer using your BGSU login (note, screen shots and specifics below are for the Dell)

2.     Open your file in Photoshop

3.     Choose file->print and you will get the following dialog box:



4.     Under printer, choose Epson 4880.

5.     Click the Page Setup button to get a new dialog box.  In that box, go under “select setting” and choose 4880 SLK (or 4880 LLP based on your paper type).  See picture below (last two choices differ from picture, but you want one or the other):


This choice will automatically set the “Media Settings” section to the options that will work best of the film.  DO NOT CHANGE THEM.


6.     Skip down to the “Page Setup” area and make sure the “source” is set to manual feed.  You will also need to set your paper size (see picture below), which is best done with the “user defined” button.  If you don’t see your paper size listed, create a new one.


7.     Click OK on the user defined size page and OK on the page setup dialog box.

8.     Back at the initial “print dialog box, note the right hand area (see picture below)


9.     Make sure “color management” is selected at the top

10.   In the “print” section, make sure “document” is selected

11.   In the options section, make sure the Color Handling is set to “Photoshop manages color.”

12.   Under Printer Profile, choose the appropriate profile (see picture above).  For the Silkjet film, choose EPSON Stylus Pro 4880_silkjetclearfilm_ACB_1

13.   Set rendering to RELATIVE COLORIMETRIC

14.   Make sure Black Point compensation is checked



1.     Click the print button and wait a moment.

2.     You will get a dialog box that confirms the printer that your file is going to (see below)


Confirm that the print is going to the 4880.

3.     Click the print button on this dialog box.  Your print will start printing on the 4880 momentarily.