Assignment 9

ARTC 4090, Fall 2010

DUE Nov. 10 and 17



Reading #6 (Censorship, Contracts, p 1-4)

DUE November 17


Complete Reading #6: >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<


- Restrictions on Artistic Expression: Obscenity , (Karlen, Peter )

- Artist Agreement/Contract



- Appendix 1: Photographing Your Work (Vitali)

- Appendix 2: Color and Black-and-White Slides (Vitali)


*READ, and take notes. Remember to bring notes, readings or a digital version to class.  Come to class prepared to discuss on Wednesday, November 10 when this is DUE!



Online Reading (Copyright Law)

DUE November 17


Go to the following URLs and print the following articles. Bring printouts to class.

Copyright and Fair Use URL



1.       Copyright FAQs, Part A-D

2.        Fair Use

3.        Public Domain, Part A



Website Permissions



Take Home Quiz


ANSWER the questions on the Take Home Quiz on Copyright. It will be collected and discussed on November 17.








November 10th

Research: "Which Path and How?"

CHOOSE ONE of the researched POTENTIALS from our class list and create a Research Package with the following information: (due Wed, Nov 10)


1.       A page with a paragraph describing the Information that you gathered and any additional detail (on the type of institution / company, etc.)

2.       Make a list of the materials you will need to send. For each, describe in detail. For example, "I will send my demo reel that is 3 minutes long, starting with "x" animation, followed by... " or an image list, etc.

3.       Prepare a cover letter, a resume, and depending on what they ask for, an essay (usually for grad school), statement or biography. You may indicate the visual enclosures in cover letter, but there is no need to include the actual portfolio for this assignment.


*Graduate school candidates: Include your essay if they require it.


Bring in a FOLDER or ENVELOPE containing all of these items on Wednesday, November 10 to be graded. They will not be sent, but I will be examining them for completeness and professionalism



Part II:

Professional Packet

DUE: November 17


The professional packet is not the final body of artwork. This packet is your presentation for a job, gallery, graduate school, etc. It includes the needed items for an application. Your packet MUST include:


1.       Artist Statement (General) - Hard Copy and on disk

2.       Biography – Hard Copy and on disk

3.       Resume – Hard Copy and on disk

4.       Sample Cover Letter – Hard Copy and on disk

5.       For Grad School only:  Essay and/or application – Hard Copy and on disk

6.       Other Visual Materials (Depending on focus):

          Prints – small, hard copy

          Demo Reel - disk

          Digital images - disk

7.       Promotional materials:

          Business card (optional) – hard copy

          Optional other such as buttons, stickers, brochures – hard copy

8.       Portfolio book

          Includes your statement, bio and still images of art.  Note:  Use screen grabs for time-based works – hard copy

9.       Updated BGSU website – email me your URL, subject line: yourname online portfolio


NOTE:  I will return a grade for each packet, but I will keep the actual packet for our archives.



Part III:

Presentations of your Professional Packet

DUE: Nov 17, Dec 01 or Dec 08


1)      Present your professional packet (described above). Your presentation should be professionally prepared, rehearsed, and last 20 minutes. You should be ready to speak intelligently about your project. Work must be ready prior to start of class.


Note on Presentations:
You are presenting the visual material of your presentation packets:  reel, slide show, etc, depending on your focus, your BGSU website, your portfolio book (hard copy or a digital version of what you ordered through blurb) and any misc items you created (business card, buttons, etc).  IMPORTANT:  Explain how you will use these items in your career after graduation, no matter your path.


Visiting Artist Lecture

Due any time up until Dec 1

You are required to attend at least one artist lecture or workshop during the semester and write a summary of the experience. This can be any artist anywhere.