Assignment #6

ARTC 4090, Fall 2010

DUE October 20th



Reading Due Oct 20th

Advice from Industry

Read the following and bring the digital versions to class (Best).  If not, PRINT OUT highlights (your choice) from the following articles which have hints on reels and other materials needed to apply for a job in industry. You donŐt have to print this all out, what you feel is most important to you.


1) Resumes and Demo Reels - If Yours Aren't Working, Neither are You!

2) Read CAC club discussion on Demo reels, posted on the FB page for the group:

Go to:

Click on Discussions and choose:

Demo Reel Tips

3) Read and view Andrew GordanŐs demo reel.

4) Industry email

5) A Demo Reel primer

6) Demo Reels: Professional Perspectives

7) Demo Reel Basics


Current Jobs & Demo Reel Requirements:

Sony Picture Imageworks:






Due Oct 20th

Written Reflection on the Industry Reading (all above)

Note: You might not require a reel for your profession, but someday you might.  Also, general information transfers to other materials.

Answer the Following Questions and print them out and bring them to class ON 10/20:


1) What are some consistencies you've read between the articles regarding Demo Reel Requirements? List at least 3 consistencies.

2) Were there any conflicting opinions? If so, what?

3) What is the most useful information you gained from this reading assignment? Give 5 examples.

4) What do you feel you really need to work on to prepare you reel (or to prepare for industry if a reel isnŐt part of your materials)?







Artist Statement and Biography

DUE Oct 27th  and Nov 17th


You are required to check for proper spelling and grammar.  Both will be part of your grade.

á       DUE OCT 27th Version from the writing center, with staff memberŐs signature, date and printed name.  You will be required to meet with someone to review your artist statement and biography at the BGSU Writing Center sometime between September 29 and October 27th. Hours are M-TH 11 am.-8 pm.  Call the lab at 372-2221 or visit 310 Moseley Hall

á       DUE Wednesday, OCT 27, Version two, statement and bio.  Hand in a HARD COPY


NOTE:  Final Draft will be due with your Presentation Package on November 17th.




Entry Packet: DUE WEDNESDAY, October 20


   1. Choose one of these exhibitions that you would like to enter (it could be one you or one of your classmates found).

   2. Get the prospectus (download, copy, or contact them for one)

   3. Prepare your entry. Include:

          * Copy of prospectus

          * Actual materials you will send

NOTE:  Most shows now are digital uploads.  Put the correctly sized materials on a CD or DVD

          * Payment.  Most shows now have you enter a card.  Indicate form of payment and how much.  If paying by check, supply that ready to go.

          * SASE:  Only if you send physical materials that you want back.

          * Whatever else the prospectus requires

          * Consider including a cover letter and/or artist statement (depending on show, I will explain)

   4. Place all the contents (2 choices)

1.     For all digital uploads, the above materials can be placed on a CD or DVD

2.     For exhibitions that you have to send things into, put materials in an Unsealed but otherwise ready to mail (stamped & addressed) envelope

Address and put the proper postage on the envelope

   6. Hand in the complete packet or CD/DVD in class on October 20


**You will be graded on the professionalism and completeness of this packet.


Once I have graded the packets I will mail the physical ones or you will submit the digital ones.  In the case of the digital ones, you are to show me proof of submission (email receipt).


Visiting Artist Lecture

Due any time up until Dec 1

You are required to attend at least one artist lecture or workshop during the semester and write a summary of the experience. This can be any artist anywhere.