Assignment #2

ARTC 4090, Fall 2010

DUE Wednesday, September 13th and September 20th, start of class


PART I, DUE Wednesday, September 15th

Reading #2 on artist statement and biography:

          "ArtC 409 reading #2,"

          Read and take notes.  Remember to bring your notes and reading to class



PART II, DUE Wednesday, September 15th and Oct 6th 

Resume and Cover Letter, Draft 1, 2 and Drop-in service


All text must be checked for spelling and grammar.  This will be part of your grade


          September 15:  due in class: Resume and Cover Letter, Draft 1 IN HARD COPY FORM.


          October 6th  due in class: Resume and Cover Letter reviewed from Drop In Service at the Career Center: You are required to meet with someone at BGSU Career Services to review your resume and cover letter.  Do this after I return your first draft but before you turn in your second draft on 10/06.


Ask the reviewer to print and sign her or his name on your resume and cover letter. This will not be graded, rather noted and used to determine final resume grade.  A zero will be averaged in if this is not done.


BGSU Career Center

318C Math Sciences

Bowling Green, OH 43403-0150



8 am-5 pm


Upload this version of your resume onto the BG Worknet . I will check it here


NOTE:  Final version will be due with your Presentation Package on Wednesday, December 01