Due Dates

Part I, Contract Due Tuesday, November 10th
Contract (check off)

Part II Final images and prints Due Dec 8
Critique will be 12.8 and 12.10


Create 8 (or a different number we agree on in your contract, depending on your method) images that are a body of work and will be printed and displayed in an alternative or traditional way. All images wil be matted, one will be framed.

I want you to focus on content first, and then perfect a technique or techniques that you need in order to make these successful images.


To continue to develop a personal imaging aesthetic and voice
To continue to perfect your understanding of prints
To develop a final body of work and understand what that means
To develop specific techniques related to individual goals


Write a contract that specifies
1. The idea or content behind this body of work.
2. Your aesthetic approach (Digital painting, drawing, collage,photography, etc.)
3. Your output goal, or how many images you will make. This is related to your working method.

You will create 8 (or a different number we agree on, depending on your method) images that go together as a "body" of work. By this I mean that they are related in content and aesthetics and read together as a series. The content should, but does not need to be, an extension of your midterm.

Submission Requirements

Bring a hard copy of your contract to class on the due date.

Create a folder with your name on it in the Final folder in the class folder. Put your 8 (or agreed number) images in this folder. No image should be greater than 5 MB and should be tiff or jpg format.

Bring your completed prints to class on the due date and we will have our critique from those prints.


You will be graded on your ability to complete all parts of the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

This assignment will be averaged with equal weight to the other assignments except the final, which will have a weight of 3.

Please note

Ask any questions in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the assignment.