How do games influence the way we problem solve, socialize or even view the world? When we shoot, do we learn to destroy obstacles or work around them? does the binary world of enemies and adversaries teach us to ignore the gray in the everyday? Are we forgetting how to play with each other because playing against each other is more fun? Critical Gameplay is a collect of polemically designed video games. Each game asks whay common game mechanics teach us. The games in the collection are designed to help reevalaute our perspective on gameplay experiences. Critical gameplay seeks to offer alternative perspective on the way we play. Critical Gameplay does not attempt to answer these questions. Instead it seeks to open the dialogue with demonstrative experiments in gameplay. It attempts to fill the space of what if, with something tangible - a game. What is the avatar did have a history before you destroyed it? What if you could not read the game world by stereotyping characters? Critical Gameplay is simply about raising questions that encourage critical reflection on gameplay experiences. The four game currently part of the collection are Wait, Bang!, Black/White and Charity.