Project Statement

Artist Statement

ARTC 418, Fall 2007



DUE Friday, October 12th, 10am via email


This will be used to help the other digital arts instructors understand what you are doing with your work prior to the midterm.  You can also use this to inform your statement (see below)


Write a few sentences that briefly describe your project.  Include content (what is your work about), technical approach (how are you making it), and explanation of media, if applicable.




Final DUE Tuesday, December 4th, in hard copy form and on your project disk*

Draft DUE Thursday, November 1, in hard copy form


Use the instruction that you received in ARTC 409 to write a general statement and apply that to writing a statement specific to the project you are doing for this class.  The reading is the same as the one for ARTC 409 and should be online through your class reserve. 


*Project disk assignment will be forthcoming.