Due Dates

Copy of Journal Entry Tuesday October 9 - Class 13

Final Images Tuesday October 9 - Class 13


Use Photoshop and Painter to make 6 images using varaious sources that comment on altered reality (see below)


To learn the technical skills in Photoshop and of image capture using the scanner, digital camera, and the web. Students will then learn to apply those skills to making images that are altered in a way that questions pictorial truth and that expresses ideas about this method of image making.


Your task:
Use the film or flatbed scanner to experiment with texture, color, light, and motion. The work must express YOU in some way.

Recall our reading discussion on September 18th and consider how imagery is or is not the truth. You can also think about looking at a picture and believing that it is one thing when it is really something else. This happens often in science when you look at a micro image of some kind of bacteria or other substance or when you look at a macro image of something like a map of a city.
Your task:
To alter the reality of two acquired images. Use the web, books, or pictures you have taken.

Same as "A," but this time you must use a digital camera. You may use any other source as well.

Call on your group members for content and technical help.


This assignment has 3 parts. Use Painter, Photoshop, or a combination along with photo manipulation and digital painting techniques to make six images that adhere to the following parts:

You must use Painter in some way
Part I Scanner Art (two images)
Part II Altered Reality A (two images using any acquired imagery)
Part III Altered Reality B (two images using digital camera)

Submission Requirements

Turn in a COPY of your journal entry. It will include:

1) Sketch and/or describe your work. Talk about any ideas behind it.
2) How is part I (Scanner Art) about YOU
3) What is the altered reality in parts A and B
4) In what image did you use Painter?
5) Comment on how you feel about acquired imagery

Final Images

Create a folder called "project3" in your individual class folder. Put all 6 images in that folder.

All images must be 8MB or smaller and saved in the TIFF (.tif) format


You will be graded on your ability to follow and complete the assignment.

You will be graded on concept, formal qualities (composition, color, etc.), and technical mastery.

This project will be averaged equally with the other projects, assignments, and you participation grade. The exception is the Midterm and Final, which have weights of two and three respectively.

Please note

Ask any questions during the project in class or contact me by email or stop by office hours to clarify any questions you have about the project.