Assignment 7

ARTC 409

Fall 2006

DUE November 1


In preparation for class on Wednesday:


1) bring your completed in-design document on a CD to class to turn in.  Recall, it should include images, URL (optional but highly recommended for time based), UPDATED statement, resume, and bio.


2) a URL of your current online presence to be evaluated during class.





Research on what you think you will do next:

Due November 1

Find information about one of the areas listed below including what they request and in what format.

o          Graduate Schools (Contacts, applications, materials needed, GRE specs, requirements, etc.)

o          Gallery or Museums (Contacts, gallery names, materials needed, cover letters, etc.)

o          Industry or freelance/project based work (Contacts, company names, materials needed, cover letters, etc.)

o          An interesting combination of the above

What you turn in:

1)         Condensed representation of your research, which depends on the area you are researching.  We will discuss possibilities in class.

2)         Your ³to do² list to follow through with your chosen path.  Again, this will vary based on your area.  For example, graduate school will require a GRE.  Where and when will you take it?  Freelance work will require a nice brochure of the kind of work you do.  What are your ideas for the content?


Enter a Juried show:

Deadline November 1, but I encourage you to do this sooner.

Prepare a show / festival application package and send it.

You will need to document the process.  Each show will differ, so what you hand in will vary.  Ideally, I will be able to review before you submit.  All assignments will include:

o          The call for participation

o          What you will enter (slides, disc, online submission include a b/w printout of file, etc).  Clarification:  This is the actual THING, not just listing it.

o          Application (if online, printout of submission page)

o          Support materials (depending on show, essay, statement, check)


See ³Juried Shows² on the class site for possibilities


Visiting Artist Lecture

You are required to attend at least one artist lecture or workshop during the semester and write a summary of the experience. This can be any artist anywhere; here are suggestions at BG and a few below at the Main Toledo Library

See Assignment 3 for a listing of possibilities