Assignment #1

ARTC 409, Fall 2006

Rest of Reading DUE Wednesday, Sept 6th

List of jobs/reading DUE Wednesday, Sept 6th



Reading (there will be a quiz 9/6 on reading and speaker form 8/28)  

Reading #1 resumes and cover letters.


1)         Pick up reading at the ARC.  It is called, "Reading #1, Art 409C"

Assembling a Resume and Portfolio in the Fine Artistıs Guide to Marketing and Self Promotion, pages 177-183

Your Resume, Working or Resting in The Artistıs Guide to New Markets pages 203-213

The Professional Artists' Resume, Biography, Cover Letter, and Statement  pages 5-9, 25-28, and skim resume examples


2)         Career Services Booklet, section on resumes and cover letters

            * pick up booklet from career services 360 saddlemire




Job Search      

Visit the link below and spend some time looking at the career possibilities.  List one to five job titles that fit your interests.  Bring them to class on Thursday for an in-class exercise






Bring Data/Ideas to Class

1.     One to five major career possibilities that you are interested in (see URL from part II)

2.     Ideas for content areas:

·      Contact

·      Education

·      Experience

Other Headings:

·      Awards/Exhibitions

·      Software/skills

·      Additional Employment

·      Activities/volunteer